[OpenID] Wiki page: Attempting to document the "Email Address as OpenId"debate.

David Fuelling sappenin at gmail.com
Mon Feb 12 21:49:46 UTC 2007

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> Subject: RE: Wiki page: Attempting to document the "Email Address as
> OpenId"debate.
> > Assuming you're referring to the wiki page
> > (http://openid.net/wiki/index.php/Debating_Emails_as_OpenIds),
> >  can you clarify the "tenuous distinctions" for me?  Which
> > statement are you referring to on the wiki page (I'd like to
> > correct it if there's a mistake).
> Objecting to email addresses as not being a URL. It's a bogus argument
> because the taxonomy is bogus.

Ok, thanks for the clarification.  So, the page I put up is meant to be
"non-partisan" in the sense that even if an argument is bogus, it should
still be listed.  Do you think that the rebuttal verbiage needs to change?
I feel like what is there is accurate (with respect to email's not actually
*being* a URI/URL, but rather mapping to them).  If you would argue
otherwise, I'd be open to at least recognizing that there is disagreement in
the community about what a URI/URL actually is, or anything else that you
would like to add.

(I'm still not sure that there exists today a standard way to *resolve* an
email address to a URL location, though...so calling an email address a
"URL" seems inaccurate).

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