[OpenID] PR: OpenID.co.uk - "MobileNumber.OpenID.co.uk" as URI

Mark Cross sites at thirdvisit.co.uk
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Well, I didn't much want to keep coming back to the group with responses...
(Do you think we are pissing people off here? - or is it an interesting issue?)

I think that because number portability in the UK is well established I think it's a reasonable proposition to use a mobile phone as a pre-fix to an openID domain in the UK. (NB I am NOT speaking for other countries here)

On the grounds that I expect the sort of person who registers their mobile to understand the nature of their registration and will force that understanding if at all possible.

I expect the user to already be displaying their mobile number on web site, they probably have quite a small business, perhaps just themselves.

If you are a company then I expect your openID URI to be:

allentom.YourCompany.co.uk or


Hey you are part of the "management" here - buck stop here!

I cannot yet think in the entity life history of a UK mobile number whereby it "has" to go to another person?
And why on earth you would "give" your MOBILE number to another person, it is business SUICIDE.

I can see people getting a new number and on my system being able to map the old ID over the new ID.

Lets look at the alternatives:

markcross.co.uk - cybersquattered
I attempt to register markcross.openID.co.uk - tough, GONE
I attempt to register markcross.myopenid.com - tough, GONE
I attempt to register markcross.pip.verisignlabs.com - tough, GONE


Surely registering a prefix which does not have anything to do with the individual leads to ZERO take up of openID?

Cheers Mark

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  Hi Mark,

  The problem that I was alluding to with phone number recycling is the case where original owner no longer has the phone number, but doesn't want to give up the OpenID based on that number. Obviously, rational people would agree that the ID should be surrendered to the new owner, but oftentimes lawyers get involved in these issues. 

  I suppose that this issue isn't much different than domain squatting, but this is likely to be a legal quandary that many OPs would rather not have to deal with.


  sites at thirdvisit.co.uk wrote:

What happens if the phone number changes ownership?
In the UK we have number portability between network providers. I can assume by your question - that in your country you don't have facility, that a shame.

Here the only numbers that change tend to be local geographic codes which have an additional number(s) prefixed at the front. (See my previous group posting on this.)

And if you change your phone number - in post business people's opinion, your business has just dropped off the face of the planet, it's like letting your domain expire! Queue a lot of expense.

  Is the OP required to hand over the OpenID to the
new owner? If so, is the original owner locked out
of all the sites that where he used his OpenID?
Part of the spec for OpenID is that you can redirect?

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