[OpenID] "The OpenID Directory" launched

Recordon, David drecordon at verisign.com
Thu Feb 8 20:50:15 UTC 2007

Looks awesome!  Would be cool to add OpenID login and something like botbouncer.com before submitting or voting.


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Even if this mailing list seems to be more technology orientated, I think it´s a "must" to also think about promoting OpenID, making it more attractive for users and rising the pressure on site owners to implement this technology.

Me and my team startet gathering links of blogs, wikis, online tools and social software that are already OpenID enabled some time ago. The results were published today at http://openiddirectory.com <http://openiddirectory.com/> , a simple link site in a good old Yahoo tradition, brushed up with some Ajax. I hope that finding everything OpenID enabled in one place and demonstrating how many sites are already using it, will make it easier to convince people of this new technology.

I look forward to see this directory grow. By now we have registered 120 sites. For sure there are still a lot of sites out there we didn´t find. So please submit these links - it´s free, quick and easy. 

If you have any comments or suggestions, please let me know. Also if you are the owner of one of the already listed sites and you are not satisfied with something like category or description, just drop me a mail.



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