[OpenID] Update on recent discussions, thinking, preliminary activities

seb20 seb.deuxzero at googlemail.com
Wed Feb 7 22:47:47 UTC 2007

Thanks David,

Should this project of foundation be kept 'secret', that is, how  
private is this mailing list ? Simon asked if this project was public  
in some ways, so we can talk about it on our blogs ? I wouldn't do  
anything without the blessing of the community.

On 7 Feb 2007, at 18:30, Recordon, David wrote:

> Hey Sebastien,
> I completely agree, having international involvement is very  
> important.
> The current Wiki already has some translations, though I do know we  
> can
> do better.
> No, the Microsoft joint announcement yesterday does not change  
> anything
> about the formation of the foundation.  :)
> --David
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> On 5 Feb 2007, at 18:40, Recordon, David wrote:
>> So, before we go any further, we want to bring you up to date and  
>> make
>> sure that:
>> 1) We're on a good track.
>> 2) This organization will actually be useful and productive.
>> 3) We're doing this with sufficient clarity and in a transparent
>> fashion.
>> Please also feel free to ask questions, I'm sure there are things
>> we've missed that we've either not thought about or have just
>> forgotten to write down.
> I know a lot of people in Europe are interesting in promoting OpenID,
> and I wonder how we could help to build regional tasks forces to help
> evangelize people about Digital Identity in general, and OpenID in
> particular. I'm not talking about creating a foundation here in  
> Europe,
> but at least having a common twiki or blog where people would not for
> sure they would find the last informations and pointers in their  
> native
> language.
> Also, is this project of foundation frozen since the last announcement
> of Microsoft joining the effort ?
>   Sebastien

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