[OpenID] PR: OpenID.co.uk - "MobileNumber.OpenID.co.uk" as URI

Mark Cross sites at thirdvisit.co.uk
Wed Feb 7 21:37:33 UTC 2007

Dear Allen,

I agree with nearly all your arguements here and perhaps I need to think on 

- Nobody is forcing you to use your mobile - it's your choice (& just my 
- We have phone numbers on net anyway, so what's the difference from a 
harvesting POV?

Thank you for your feedback,


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>I really believe that it is not a good idea to encourage people to use 
>personal contact infomation as their OpenIDs, which applies to both phone 
>number and email/IM based IDs. The reason is that spammers and griefers 
>will make life unbearable for people using these IDs.
> The user's OpenID will invariably be displayed at many RPs, and if the 
> user's contact information could be easily determined by the OpenID, it 
> would just be a matter of time before OpenID gets a bad rep for attracting 
> spam, and everyone switches back to disposable IDs again, or abandons 
> OpenID altogether.
> This is the same argument as to why it is not a good idea to post your 
> email address, IM screenname, or phone number online, especially if its on 
> some random RP that you're not all that familar with.
> For OpenID to succeed, it is very important that the early adopters think 
> very carefully about these issues, or else OpenID could develop a poor 
> reputation,  preventing its widespread adoption.
> Allen
> Chris Messina wrote:
>> Perhaps the better way to think about this is as a personal OpenID
>> alias? So rather than publishing it all over the place, an iDP might
>> offer "phone number aliasing" to help people remember their openids...
>> So say I sign up on JanRain and add my phone number -- which is
>> confirmed by SMS or callback code system... Perhaps I could then use
>> [phonenumber].myopenid.com to login... Just a thought.
>> Chris
>> On 2/7/07, Allen Tom <atom at yahoo-inc.com> wrote:
>>> Hi Mark,
>>> Exposing one's phone number might not be a good idea for everyone, as
>>> griefers and stalkers would have an easy way to harass people who had
>>> phone number based IDs.
>>> Also, what happens if and when a phone number is recycled?
>>> Allen
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