[OpenID] PR: OpenID.co.uk - "MobileNumber.OpenID.co.uk" as URI

Mark Cross sites at thirdvisit.co.uk
Wed Feb 7 18:46:41 UTC 2007


Because if you take a mobile phone number it creates a 1-to-1 relationship, 
there are intesting methods to verify you as the "user"of the phone. SMS and 
incoming call line identification for example..

As mobile phone number is 1-to-1 there are no "dispute resolution" issues, 
which plagues Nominet UK. (Our .co.uk top level domain authority.) 

For example:

If you were browse to 07050256456.openid.co.uk you will be able to view the 
personal contact details depending on the Questions and Answer you make 
people jump through.

I also intend to implement dual presentation, IE if register, 
00447050256456.openid.co.uk will also resolve to same OpenID location. The 
URI will also modify if the UK changes it's telephone number prefixes - 
which we currently do every 4/5 years, because the number planners are 
complete idiots in the UK. However it will relatively easy to run dual URIs 
during transition years.

Thus if you have someone's number in international format - but don't know 
the local presentation method - you'll still find them.

It's a concept - I am open to ideas!

Cheers Mark


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