[OpenID] Update on recent discussions, thinking, preliminary activities

seb20 seb.deuxzero at googlemail.com
Wed Feb 7 17:53:42 UTC 2007

On 5 Feb 2007, at 18:40, Recordon, David wrote:

> So, before we go any further, we want to bring you up to date and make
> sure that:
> 1) We're on a good track.
> 2) This organization will actually be useful and productive.
> 3) We're doing this with sufficient clarity and in a transparent
> fashion.
> Please also feel free to ask questions, I'm sure there are things  
> we've
> missed that we've either not thought about or have just forgotten to
> write down.

I know a lot of people in Europe are interesting in promoting OpenID,  
and I wonder how we could help to build regional tasks forces to help  
evangelize people about Digital Identity in general, and OpenID in  
particular. I'm not talking about creating a foundation here in  
Europe, but at least having a common twiki or blog where people would  
not for sure they would find the last informations and pointers in  
their native language.

Also, is this project of foundation frozen since the last  
announcement of Microsoft joining the effort ?


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