[OpenID] Proposal: TrackForth

Dmitry Shechtman damnian at gmail.com
Tue Feb 6 01:05:05 UTC 2007


Thank you for your feedback. I was starting to think nobody cared.

> As you said later in the mail, this discovery mechanism could rely on
> Yadis

This could also be an XRDS retrieved during XRI resolution. I'm not sure
whether that would still count as Yadis.

> (in TrackBack the blog needs to be checked if it really links a page in 
> order to prevent spam, which is not necessary for TrackForth).

The source URL doesn't NEED to be requested; that's just a common spam
prevention practice (although it can be fairly easily circumvented).

> With that query it looks like a GET, but it's a POST, I think (should
> be, to keep HTTP design principles).

It should be, according to the TrackBack specification. That's my mistake,
which will be fixed in the next draft.

> And is that wp-trackback.php in your example used for both TrackBacks
> and TrackForths? If yes, how does it determine the difference?

In (purely theoretic) WeirdProse wp-trackback.php would indeed handle both
TrackBack and TrackForth. Since TrackBack normally requires a post number to
be supplied as an argument, a request which lacks this argument would be
treated as TrackForth.

> Is it really necessary to make two requests? What about blogs without
> comment screening? Can they omit step 4 and just perform 7?

Of course. A non-trivial example was chosen deliberately.

> This is out of scope of TrackForth, an extension based on standard 
> protocols. Okay. One might consider adding another "push mechanism" for 
> notifying Alice about new comments in reply to her comment.

That's correct. As noted in the draft, these steps are


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