[OpenID] AddId! - A useful idea of mine?!

Lukas Rosenstock inbox at lukasrosenstock.net
Mon Feb 5 22:21:24 UTC 2007

Dick Hardt wrote:
> Hi Lukas
> The FOAF movement dissipated as the access control issue became 
> understood. Ask Marc Canter.
> Your example of a feed reader is potentially something that most people 
> are ok exposing publicly, so that could work assuming the site is not 
> wanting you to log in with OpenID, but is just using this as way to 
> determine your feedreader.
> But if you are supporting OpenID, then adding Attribute Exchange is 
> pretty simple, and the user is not having to add the data to their Yadis 
> file, it is just another attribute managed by the OP.  Of course the OP 
> is likely writing out the Yadis file, so that can be optimized.  My 
> preference would be to manage all my profile data in one place instead 
> of having some in the yadis file, and some done with Attribute Exchange.

I had a look at the AX draft and it seems to be suitable for this 
purpose and not to difficult to implement. I will work on my AddId! 
draft considering this possibility.

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