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Johannes Ernst jernst+openid.net at netmesh.us
Thu Feb 1 23:05:35 UTC 2007

Fair enough, that's why I have been pointing to somebody else's  
taxonomy ;-)

On Feb 1, 2007, at 14:17, Bob Wyman wrote:

> On 2/1/07, Johannes Ernst <jernst+openid.net at netmesh.us> wrote:
> > what you are asking for is to augment identity information
> > with reputation information, in this case an individual's
> > degree (a kind of reputation using the above terminology)
> > from a reputation source (e.g. the college where they got
> > the degree).
> In one sense, what Johannes says is true. However, I would counsel  
> folk to be careful about bundling too much into the bucket of  
> things that we think of as "reputation information." There is a  
> whole potential industry of people and organizations that can  
> create "certified facts" or "verified data" of one sort or another.  
> The danger in calling all this stuff "reputation" is that if you do  
> so, we're likely to automatically assume that organizations (like  
> eBay?) that really do deal with "reputation" are the most logical  
> places for the data to be sourced from. This is not the case.
> I believe that "reputation" should really be restricted to  
> subjective statements about "behavior" or perceptions. In other  
> words, "reputation" should be limited to things that have been  
> discovered about the way you interact with services and persons and  
> the way they perceive you. ( i.e. you make true or false statements  
> on eBay, you deliver things when you say you do, etc.) We should be  
> VERY careful not to allow the handling of "facts" (i.e. you  
> graduated from school X, or you were born on July 1) to fall,  
> without competitive contest, into the realm of "reputation" managers.
> Reputation management and the certification of facts are two  
> distinct and orthogonal problem spaces.
> bob wyman

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