[OpenID] OpenID Chance II

Dick Hardt dick at sxip.com
Thu Feb 1 19:52:48 UTC 2007

OpenID Attribute Exchange (AX) provides a simple way to fetch and  
store the attributes.

Convincing/finding an entity to make the digital statement is a  
business/social issue.

btw: I gave the Keynote at the association that manages registrars  
and admissions to colleges and universities and they really got the  
user-centric model -- of course there was no clear path on how to get  

Work we are leading in other government areas may lead to signed  
claims sooner then you think ...

-- Dick

On 1-Feb-07, at 11:45 AM, Brad Topliff wrote:

> +1 to Chris' comment.
> My first question for Citizendium would be who they see as "some  
> trustworthy
> authority".  If they are hoping that academia comes together to  
> verify an
> attribute, then they probably have a long wait ahead of them.  Now,  
> if they
> want to verify the claims themselves and host a "simple" reputation  
> system
> on top of OpenIDs that seems much more feasible.  It could be a  
> good use of
> i-names too as in @citizenidum*phd*username where you only get that  
> ID if
> they have verified your PhD.  Depending on how they segment experts
> (degrees, fields of study or both) this system *could* be pretty  
> flexible,
> easy to understand and manage.
> Of course, there are likely other ways to do this with URL  
> Identifiers and
> their own pros and cons.
> Brad
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>> For a point of clarification, I would only like to suggest that these
>> matters of trust and reputation remain understood as orthogonal to  
>> the
>> OpenID protocol itself, much like you can transport HTML, video or
>> anything else digital over HTTP -- it's just a transport system --  
>> and
>> has nothing to do with the kind of data or data itself.
>> I do encourage, of course, discussing these ideas and especially how
>> iDPs can offer services around signed data exchange (nor am I
>> suggesting that that nuance is absent here -- only trying to make  
>> sure
>> that we're talking about building *on top of* rather than *in to* the
>> OpenID protocol).
>> Chris
>> On 2/1/07, Johannes Ernst <jernst+openid.net at netmesh.us> wrote:
>>> To apply Bob Blakley's terminology, see http://netmesh.info/jernst/
>>> Digital_Identity/limits-of-owning-identity.html
>>> what you are asking for is to augment identity information with
>>> reputation information, in this case an individual's degree (a kind
>>> of reputation using the above terminology) from a reputation source
>>> (e.g. the college where they got the degree).
>>> The technical solution to this can be rather straightforward, as all
>>> that needs to be found out about is a boolean value or similar ("has
>>> degree", "does not have degree"). The much harder problem is an
>>> adoption problem: how does one get all, say, medical schools to make
>>> assertions like that in electronic form?
>>> But on the other question -- I (and NetMesh) are interested in this
>>> subject.
>>> On Feb 1, 2007, at 10:40, Roland Sassen (using mozilla) wrote:
>>>> The Wikipedia suffers from anonymous people adding nonsense. To  
>>>> make a
>>>> better
>>>> Wikipedia Larry Sanger, co founder of Wikipedia, made Citizendium.
>>>> Anonymity
>>>> is banned here. Citizendium is about to "hit the streets"
>>>> I posted this to the Citizendium mailing list:
>>>> "To login to Citizendium people chose a user name and a password. A
>>>> new
>>>> protocol,
>>>> OpenID, allows users to have one user name / password  
>>>> combination, and
>>>> login to
>>>> all OpenID enabled sites with this combination. And this username
>>>> /password combination
>>>> can be exchanged by a so called URL or web-address (like
>>>> www.thinsia.com)
>>>> This is very user-friendly.
>>>> So I suggest to enable OpenID to the Citizendium site!
>>>> For more information have a look at the OpenID site here
>>>> <http://www.openid.net>, or on the Open ID wiki
>>>> <http://openid.net/wiki/index.php/Main_Page>
>>>> I blogged about it here
>>>> <http://www.thinsia.com/blog/index.php?entry=entry070118-135301>  
>>>> and
>>>> OpenID in the press is here <http://blogs.zdnet.com/digitalID/? 
>>>> p=78> .
>>>> Roland Sassen "
>>>> Mike Johnson answered:
>>>> " Hi Roland,
>>>> I'm Mike Johnson from the Citizendium Executive Committee-  
>>>> thanks for
>>>> the email about OpenID. It's certainly on our radar, but our needs
>>>> are a
>>>> little different than those of most organizations.
>>>> In short, we'd like a distributed identification system to provide
>>>> users
>>>> with a common login across sites (as OpenID does), but, since we  
>>>> also
>>>> need to know people have the PhDs or MDs they say they do, we'd
>>>> like one
>>>> that also has the ability to actually "authenticate" who users  
>>>> are in
>>>> the real world against some trustworthy authority.
>>>> I suspect that OpenID could do such a thing, by allowing sites like
>>>> Citizendium to define other sites that we trust to verify that
>>>> users are
>>>> who they say they are in the real world. However, in my (somewhat
>>>> limited) research on OpenID, I've never heard of this happening.
>>>> It's not absolutely necessary, but if something like this could  
>>>> be set
>>>> up it would be a large incentive for us to adopt OpenID. Your
>>>> thoughts?
>>>> Know who'd be the best person to ask about this?
>>>> Best,
>>>> Mike"
>>>> Three questions:
>>>> 1 how can this be done
>>>> 2 who would like to be "the best person to ask about this?
>>>> 3 is the OpenID community interested at all in being used, in the
>>>> world,
>>>> and are there idea?s about
>>>> how to make initial contacts (in a more proper way as I did)?
>>>> I do see some more opportunities!
>>>> cheers, Roland Sassen
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