[OpenID] OpenID Chance II

Johnny Bufu johnny at sxip.com
Thu Feb 1 19:08:04 UTC 2007

Hi Roland,

On 1-Feb-07, at 10:40 AM, Roland Sassen (using mozilla) wrote:
> Mike Johnson answered:
> In short, we'd like a distributed identification system to provide  
> users
> with a common login across sites (as OpenID does), but, since we also
> need to know people have the PhDs or MDs they say they do, we'd  
> like one
> that also has the ability to actually "authenticate" who users are in
> the real world against some trustworthy authority.

This is exactly what the OpenID Signed Assertions [1] extension does,  
using e.g. Attribute Exchange [2] as the transport.

I had a quick look at the citizendium archive but didn't see Mike's  
reply there, so I assume he contacted you off-list. Do you know if he  
would be interested in having the discussion on the openid list, or  
rather on citizendium?


[1] http://www.mail-archive.com/specs@openid.net/msg00907.html
[2] http://openid.net/specs/openid-attribute-exchange-1_0-04.html

> I suspect that OpenID could do such a thing, by allowing sites like
> Citizendium to define other sites that we trust to verify that  
> users are
> who they say they are in the real world. However, in my (somewhat
> limited) research on OpenID, I've never heard of this happening.
> It's not absolutely necessary, but if something like this could be set
> up it would be a large incentive for us to adopt OpenID. Your  
> thoughts?
> Know who'd be the best person to ask about this?
> Best,
> Mike"
> Three questions:
> 1 how can this be done
> 2 who would like to be "the best person to ask about this?
> 3 is the OpenID community interested at all in being used, in the  
> world,
> and are there idea?s about
> how to make initial contacts (in a more proper way as I did)?
> I do see some more opportunities!
> cheers, Roland Sassen

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