[OpenID] OpenID Chance II

Roland Sassen (using mozilla) sassen at thinsia.com
Thu Feb 1 18:40:30 UTC 2007

The Wikipedia suffers from anonymous people adding nonsense. To make a 
Wikipedia Larry Sanger, co founder of Wikipedia, made Citizendium. Anonymity
is banned here. Citizendium is about to "hit the streets"
I posted this to the Citizendium mailing list:

"To login to Citizendium people chose a user name and a password. A new 
OpenID, allows users to have one user name / password combination, and 
login to
all OpenID enabled sites with this combination. And this username 
/password combination
can be exchanged by a so called URL or web-address (like www.thinsia.com)
This is very user-friendly.
So I suggest to enable OpenID to the Citizendium site!
For more information have a look at the OpenID site here 
<http://www.openid.net>, or on the Open ID wiki 
I blogged about it here 
<http://www.thinsia.com/blog/index.php?entry=entry070118-135301> and 
OpenID in the press is here <http://blogs.zdnet.com/digitalID/?p=78> .

Roland Sassen "

Mike Johnson answered:

" Hi Roland,

I'm Mike Johnson from the Citizendium Executive Committee- thanks for 
the email about OpenID. It's certainly on our radar, but our needs are a 
little different than those of most organizations.

In short, we'd like a distributed identification system to provide users 
with a common login across sites (as OpenID does), but, since we also 
need to know people have the PhDs or MDs they say they do, we'd like one 
that also has the ability to actually "authenticate" who users are in 
the real world against some trustworthy authority.

I suspect that OpenID could do such a thing, by allowing sites like 
Citizendium to define other sites that we trust to verify that users are 
who they say they are in the real world. However, in my (somewhat 
limited) research on OpenID, I've never heard of this happening.

It's not absolutely necessary, but if something like this could be set 
up it would be a large incentive for us to adopt OpenID. Your thoughts? 
Know who'd be the best person to ask about this?


Three questions:
1 how can this be done
2 who would like to be "the best person to ask about this?
3 is the OpenID community interested at all in being used, in the world, 
and are there idea?s about
how to make initial contacts (in a more proper way as I did)?

I do see some more opportunities!
cheers, Roland Sassen

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