[OpenID] AddId! - A useful idea of mine?!

Dick Hardt dick at sxip.com
Thu Feb 1 17:51:14 UTC 2007

The issues with hcard are the same as they were with FOAF, so I think  
its use is pretty limited unless you put in an ACL mechanism, which  
adds a ton of complexity

AX is pretty simple, and nothing to parse, and then one less way of  
doing the same thing, and fits the existing name/value pair design  
pattern of a post, and the data is in an OpenID request as opposed to  
being in the Yadis file.

Just my $0.02 ...

-- Dick

On 1-Feb-07, at 9:42 AM, Chris Messina wrote:

> Perhaps we start with the baseline of using hcard as a low fidelity
> "works wherever" solution and offer AE (which I need to read up on,
> admittedly) as a broader solution for more specialized use cases?
> Chris
> On 2/1/07, Stephen Paul Weber <singpolyma at gmail.com> wrote:
>> > Curious, have you looked at Attribute Exchange?
>> Yes, and I wasn't accusing AE of anything... I was simply agreeing
>> that some types of data have exchange formats already and that we
>> should not create more speciallised ones.  AE, as a general
>> OpenID-everything system makes sense.
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