[OpenID - Eu] Open Identity Summit brought platform independent and highly extensible Open eCard App

Dr. Detlef Hühnlein detlef.huehnlein at ecsec.de
Tue Nov 11 13:14:29 UTC 2014

Dear OpenID community, 

we would like to inform you that the platform independent and highly
extensible version 1.1 of the Open eCard App has been released and is
available at https://www.openecard.org/en/download/pc/. 
Unlike the “AusweisApp” provided by the German Government for example, the
Open eCard App implements ISO/IEC 24727 and hence supports various
electronic identity (eID) and signature cards. 
nt-and-highly-extensible-open-ecard-app-released/ for more information. 

Please do not hesitate to forward this message to potentially interested


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