[OpenID board] January 7, 2021 Executive Committee Call Minutes

Mike Jones Michael.Jones at microsoft.com
Thu Jan 28 19:59:23 UTC 2021

January 7, 2021 Executive Committee Call Minutes

Don Thibeau - Executive Director
Mike Jones
George Fletcher
Nat Sakimura
Bjorn Hjelm
John Bradley


Mike Leszcz - OpenID Foundation

1.       Transition Notes
At the February meeting, Don will transition to being a non-executive board member.

2.       Focus Area Updates from Don Thibeau
We are working on our relationship and joint work with FDX.  That includes adoption of FAPI 1.0 by FDX.  FDX is requesting to license the OpenID trademark to reference OpenID certifications.  Nat will be representing both the foundation and the FAPI working group at a joint meeting next week.  FDX wants to license real-time access to certification updates.

Our relationship with the Australian regulators is proceeding.  This should result in more FAPI adoption and more certification adoption.

We plan to enter a liaison relationship with CARIN in February.  Don will brief us on CARIN developments.

3.       Certification Update
The certification team is preparing to launch the PAR and Australian CDR certifications.  There will be a joint call with the Australians on January 18th.  Yes.com made a directed funding contribution covering ten days of Serkan Özkan's time to support writing eKYC-IDA tests.

We are preparing to put different kinds of certification results in separate tabs.  Nat suggested that we promote yes.com's directed funding.

Mike Jones reported that the certification team requested that the eKYC-IDA working group specify what they want to test.  Nat reported that the tests will primarily be about the payload.  Mike also reported that the certification team needs to know what protocol(s) will be used to deliver the payload, so that interoperable tests can be written.

4.       Events
The 2021 board election was initiated today.  Communication went out to the corporate members.  A post was made to the foundation website at https://openid.net/2021/01/07/announcing-the-2021-openid-foundation-individual-community-board-members-election/.  Both communications contain the full election schedule.

We will have an EC call on February 4th.  The new board meeting will be on February 18th.

We are working to get ourselves into the 2021 events calendars of FDX, Australian regulators, OBIE, and other liaison partners.  We also expect Brazil to come on board this year.

5.       Final FAPI 1.0 Specifications
Mike Jones reported that the FAPI 1.0 final specification votes have passed.  Final drafts will be posted and announced shortly.  The concurrent Implementer's Draft votes for MODRNA and FastFed have also reached quorum, and will conclude next week.

[ Don and Mike Leszcz left the call at this point ]

6.       Executive Director Transition Update
Bjorn reported that the search committee discussed how to generate more candidates from Asia.  There will be a search committee call next Wednesday.  Bjorn will propose a mechanism for interviewing candidates.  There are currently seven candidates and Bjorn has heard of interest from another.  Bjorn plans to reach out to two potential candidates that have been referred to us before the call.

IDPro was to have included an announcement about the open position in their December 2020 newsletter but that didn't occur.  They now plan to announce it in their January 2021 newsletter.  Emma Lindley has also committed to having Women in Identity announce the position.

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