[OpenID board] December 3, 2020 Executive Committee Call Minutes

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December 3, 2020 Executive Committee Call Minutes

Don Thibeau - Executive Director
Mike Jones
George Fletcher
Nat Sakimura
Bjorn Hjelm
John Bradley


Mike Leszcz - OpenID Foundation

1.       Focus Area Updates from Don Thibeau
Don and Mike Leszcz are putting together a definitive database of liaison relationships.  Mike and Don continue working on adoption of OpenID Connect by US government regulatory agencies.  They have worked on a 2021 budget.  The budget is stable.  Renewals are coming in.  They are working on a new business model and revenue opportunities for the certification program.  FDX plans to respond to our certification licensing proposal.  The license agreement being negotiated with FDX has a $5,000/year licensing fee.  Don is working on locking down FDX adoption of OpenID Connect and FAPI.  That would bring US and Canadian banks into the fold.  CARIN will become a legal nonprofit next year and we will have a liaison relationship with them.

2.       Certification Update
Mike Leszcz has been working with Joseph Heenan and Mike Jones on 2021 certification plans.  We are considering adding a third programmer.  We approached Edmund Jay and he is interested in joining; he has programmed against the Java certification suite before.

A few months ago we reduced our certification expenses to ~$17,000/month.  We can add Edmund and retain that expense target.  This is within the budget that Mike Leszcz submitted to our treasurer John Bradley.  Mike Jones suggested that the EC unanimously recommend approval of Edmund's contract when it meets next week.  Nat asked for there to be a slide explaining the issues to the board.  The EC unanimously recommends that the board add Edmund to the team.  George commented that as they have been running certification tests, issues arose with their (legal) behaviors matching the certification suite, requiring suite updates.  Mike Jones said that this is healthy and a sign of a vibrant certification program.

3.       Executive Director Transition Details
Mike Leszcz said that he's planning ahead for things that Don is currently signing and are currently billed in Don's name.  The signing responsibilities include our annual taxes.  There is a credit card in Don's name that things are currently billed to on a monthly basis.

Nat asked if we are ready with a resolution for non-executive director status.  Mike Leszcz asked for approval of the EC to work on that.  The EC unanimously agreed that Mike Leszcz should work on a resolution for the board meeting next week.

4.       Hiring Update
Women in Identity is including a reference to the job description in their upcoming newsletter.

[ Don and Mike Leszcz left the call at this point ]

Bjorn said that that at this point, we have six candidates that have either applied or have been recommended.  Bjorn has started reaching out to each of the candidates.  He is getting their feedback on their interest and their expectations.

Bjorn asked about what we should be saying to candidates about whether the position is full-time or part-time.  Mike said that we'd previously agreed to late-bind the full-time/part-time decision based on conversations with strong candidates about their needs and desired contributions.  John said that we could set up a results-based compensation agreement.  People thought that was a good suggestion.

Bjorn asked about having pre-defined questions to ask candidates.  We don't have those yet.  Bjorn asked those to be sent the edsearch alias.  Mike also agreed to work on them.

Mike said that he would review the proposed press release.

Bjorn will determine whether we have CVs for all the existing candidates.

Nat asked about the make-up of the current candidates.  Four of the six are women.  Some are outside the US.  It will be highlighted at an upcoming OIDF-J meeting that the ED position is open.  We are open to non-US candidates.

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