[OpenID board] April 9, 2020 Executive Committee Call Minutes

Mike Jones Michael.Jones at microsoft.com
Thu Apr 16 23:03:21 UTC 2020

April 9, 2020 Executive Committee Call Minutes

Don Thibeau, Executive Director
Mike Jones
Bjorn Hjelm
George Fletcher
John Bradley

Nat Sakimura

Mike Leszcz, OpenID Foundation
Tom Smedinghoff, Locke Lord LLP

1.       Commercial Context for Certification Program
As we discussed last week, we do not have a reliable model of future demand for certifications.

Don is writing the latter for Nat to make OBIE and the CMA9 aware of the situation.  We are hoping the regulators will begin enforcing their requirements.  Both Ping and ForgeRock remain very supportive of our FAPI efforts.  Don doesn't believe we have any other levers at the moment.

John wondered last week if we can successfully contact the PISPs and solicit their participation.  Don said that the workshops we have planned will give us an opportunity to reach them in the UK.  Messages include that certification is neither expensive nor onerous.

The FDX developer's conference in two weeks is another venue where the importance of the FAPI standard and certification will be communicated.

Nat sent a letter to the Australian regulators on behalf of the FAPI working group.  They are likely to be the first to follow the UK's lead.

Don will reach out to the US representative on the Financial Action Task Force - a global organization.

Bjorn reiterated the value proposition of certification increasing implementation quality and security.

2.       Public Health and Economic Crisis
Don, Mike Leszcz, and John Bradley are working on specific plans in response to the possible economic impacts from the public health situation.  We know that some members have downgraded their membership categories.  We're going to need to conserve our cash to the extent possible, especially given that certification is losing money at present.

We have moved all of our events online, including the upcoming OpenID Workshop.

3.       W3C Web Payments Liaison Relationship with FAPI
John let us know that the W3C Web Payments working group wants to establish a liaison relationship with FAPI.  Don will work on that.

4.       Revisiting Review of OIDF Membership Fees
We had previously reviewed proposed moderate fee increases and the EC was then in favor of them.  However, given the recession-like conditions, now is probably not the best time for a fee increase.  John half-jokingly suggested that instead we have a sale.

5.       Mercurial Migration
Edmund Jay, Nat, and Mike Jones are working on migrating our Bitbucket repositories that use Mercurial.  We have migrated "eap".  Next will be "openid.bitbucket.org".

6.       Next Meeting
We currently plan to meet next Thursday at the same time.

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