[OpenID board] September 12, 2019 Executive Committee Call Minutes

Mike Jones Michael.Jones at microsoft.com
Thu Sep 19 09:43:15 UTC 2019

September 12, 2019 Executive Committee Call Minutes

Nat Sakimura
Mike Jones
John Bradley
George Fletcher
Don Thibeau, Executive Director


Mike Leszcz, OpenID Foundation
Tom Smedinghoff, Locke Lord LLP

1.       Membership Update
Adam Dawes of Google resigned his board seat, since he is no longer in the identity space.  Therefore, the executive committee vice-chairman role is currently vacant.  The EC unanimously recommends that the board appoint Bjorn Hjelm as the new vice-chairman.  Google's new board representative is Filip Verley.

2.       Certification Program Update
Hans Zandbelt and the certification team have a proposed a proposal to migrate the existing Python certification functionality to Java.  The proposal is structed as a set of phased, fixed-price deliverables, with a price tag of about $250,000. The proposal was sent to the board-private list on September 3rd.

Mike Jones recommended that the board review the proposal, including its sequence and timing, and approve it, pending their reviews, at our September 30th board meeting.  George seconded this.  The EC unanimously approved this recommendation.

Mike reported that Microsoft has allocated $10,000 of directed funding towards the first phase of this plan - having Roland Hedberg produce detailed documentation on what all the current tests currently do.

Mike reported that there is been an instance of a bank going through the FAPI certification suite and then deciding to not pay us since OBIE is still running their server and doesn't charge for certifications.  Mike stated that this is problematic, as it undermines the financial basis of us being able to operate the program.  Don will be in London the next two weeks and will address this issue with OBIE.

Mike reported that the logout OP tests in are in alpha.  We are waiting on a PR from Roland to check in some changes to the PyOIDC code base before releasing it to the production server.

3.       Financial Data Exchange (FDX) Developer Workshop
Don Thibeau gave a presentation on the Foundation and Certification.  Bjorn Hjelm gave a presentation about CIBA.  Both were well received.

4.       Whitepapers
We are producing multiple sets of whitepapers.  One is a set of user guides to FAPI and Certification, which are being written by Carla Roncato.  The second set is part of liaison with FDX.  They will promote general awareness of how two sets of standards and their deployments are coming together.

5.       FAPI Microsite
Mike Leszcz has produced a draft of a FAPI "microsite".  It's intended to be less technical starting point/landing page for all things FAPI.  Dave Tonge has started providing feedback.  It will be published at https://openid.net/fapi (much like the Connect introduction page is at https://openid.net/connect).

Please review the draft contents at https://fapi.d-f.cc/.  We hope to be able to launch the microsite by the third week of September, in time for the upcoming SIBOS conference.

6.       Outreach
Don will present at the SIBOS conference later this month.  See https://www.sibos.com/about/sibos-2019-london.

Nat attended the recent Financial Summit (FINSUM) in Japan.  Much of the discussion centered around FAPI.

7.       Upcoming OpenID Workshop
We have been doing outreach to likely candidates to increase participation in and the value of the upcoming OpenID Workshop.  Nat will be chairing a security and identity panel including Lovlesh Chhabra from Verizon Media.  George Fletcher will lead a discussion on some of the browser changes being proposed by Safari and Chrome that could break Connect deployments.

8.       eBay Membership
eBay has joined as a corporate member, represented by Ashish Jain.

9.       Certification Listings
We have removed the copy of the certification listings from OIXnet, pending discussions by OIX on their plans for OIXnet.

OBIE has requested that the FAPI certifications be viewable separately.  We discussed possible tradeoffs among different ways of presenting the results.  Nat suggested that we list things by working group and let the working groups provide input on their presentation.  The EC agreed with that approach.

10.   Libraries Program Update
Mike Jones reported that those working on getting directed funding for library development failed to do so.  Therefore, the idea of the foundation paying for library development appears to have failed.  We will communicate that to those who were the potential contractors.

People can still open source libraries and contribute them to working groups,  with the working group's approval.  George and John discussed the need for developing oversight processes for any new libraries accepted.

11.   Australian Profile
The certification team has been reviewing the Australian Open Banking profile and communicating with its authors.  They appear to be fixing issues raised.

12.   Sign In with Apple
Apple has now addressed the crucial technical problems that the foundation pointed out.  See the current status at https://bitbucket.org/openid/connect/src/default/How-Sign-in-with-Apple-differs-from-OpenID-Connect.md.  Don is working on a blog post commending Apple on their actions and encouraging them to go further.

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