[OpenID board] May 15, 2019 OpenID Board Meeting Minutes

Mike Jones Michael.Jones at microsoft.com
Wed May 29 01:20:05 UTC 2019

May 15, 2019 OpenID Board Meeting Minutes

Don Thibeau, Executive Director
Nat Sakimura
Mike Jones
John Bradley
George Fletcher
Takao Kojima
Takehisa Shibata

Present on the Phone:
Wesley Dunnington

Adam Dawes
Amit Dhingra
Eric Schreiner
Dale Olds

Bjorn Hjelm, Verizon
Torsten Lodderstedt, yes.com
Mike Leszcz (on the phone)

1.       Certification Program
The certification team met in person this morning and covered both engineering and business topics.  Some of these were summarized to the board.

The board discussed the foundation's substantial investment in certification.  Bjorn Hjelm asked us about the value proposition of certification to the foundation and its members.

2.       Proposal to waive certification fee for Open Source projects
Filip Skokan proposed that we establish a mechanism to waive the certification fee for Open Source projects.  He said that maybe we should only do this for relying party libraries.  He proposed the criteria:

  *   Its source is publicly available (such as on GitHub) and its use is licensed under an Open Source License<https://nam06.safelinks.protection.outlook.com/?url=https%3A%2F%2Fopensource.org%2Flicenses&data=02%7C01%7Cmichael.jones%40microsoft.com%7C69fff48e9a8c4e6cf88908d6d923fa97%7C72f988bf86f141af91ab2d7cd011db47%7C1%7C0%7C636935145890556129&sdata=YLq7bG41L8uEt78ikuSbVY5s%2Bj6CUlFSOjs8A2JSZEc%3D&reserved=0>
  *   It's open source, not open core (e.g. does not have commercial support or some features behind paywall), in other words, it isn't developed with the intention of being a revenue stream for the authors
  *   It's primarily being developed by individuals that do not act under the umbrella of a commercial product

Don suggested that a concrete proposal be created by the executive committee.  George said that getting the criteria correct will probably be non-trivial.  He said that an alternative would be to request that those requesting fee waivers to volunteer work for the foundation.  Don suggested that we pilot a fee waiver program during this year.  Wes agreed.

3.       Certification Framework Consolidation Proposal
Hans Zandbelt presented a recommendation in the certification meeting that we migrate the OpenID Connect Certification functionality in the current Python code base into the newer Java code base.  There is not yet a concrete work proposal for doing the functional migration.  Mike said that we would want a fixed price contract with concrete deliverables for the new functionality.  The board seemed to be in favor of doing investigations to create the concrete proposal.  Don suggested that we give the certification team a target dollar amount and target date to create a migration proposal.

The board agreed with Hans' advice, other that we will not start any backporting work until there is a concrete approved proposal and funding for it.  The points of advice that the board agreed with were:

  *   Put Python code base in maintenance mode once existing work items (especially logout testing) are completed
  *   Add new profiles only to the Java code base
  *   Have Roland assess and list the "implicit" behaviors that should be backported in addition to the core tests
  *   Cross-test at least 5 OPs and 5 RPs successfully against the Java code base before announcing the switch to the new service

The board thought that proposed work to present a more prominent profile-based approach with "easy" naming, while a good idea, should be a separate work item.

4.       FAPI Directed Funding
The certification team discussed says to use directed funding in hand to promote FAPI adoption.  One possibility is to fund speakers at global open banking conferences, as opposed to hosting FAPI-specific workshops.

Torsten suggested that we first reach out to other open banking initiatives.  He suggested that we communicate with Polish, Czech, and Slovakian open banking organizations.  He said that STET might be open to working with us.  We are also hearing positive FAPI adoption messages from Japan, Australia, and New Zealand.

Don suggested that we fund Hans to present at the OpenID Japan workshop in the fall.  Don suggested we co-fund a FAPI and Certification whitepaper with the Financial Data Exchange (FDX).  He said that FDX seems positive about this.

5.       Libraries Program
We don't have any new information about the possibilities of directed funding to support the libraries program.  Don and George met with Adam during IIW and talked about possible guidelines for library project management.  For instance, there should be at least two maintainers from different companies.  George said that he doesn't see any way for the foundation to recover its costs of developing libraries.  George said that need to have clear criteria for when it makes sense for the foundation to take on development of a library.  Nat said that need to understand both starting things and sunsetting things.  Nat said that as a standards development organization, we don't want to be favoring one library over another.

6.       Upcoming Events
We will have a board meeting and dinner at Identiverse in Washington DC.  We plan to have a joint meeting with FDX.  There is OpenID content in the Identiverse conference.  (There is no OpenID workshop at Identiverse.)

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