[OpenID board] February 14, 2019 OpenID Board Call Minutes

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Sat Mar 2 18:16:55 UTC 2019

February 14, 2019 OpenID Board Call Minutes

Don Thibeau, Executive Director
Mike Jones
John Bradley
Dale Olds
Nat Sakimura
George Fletcher
Bjorn Hjelm

Sarah Squire
Adam Dawes
Amit Dhingra
Masato Obata
Shibata Takehisa

Mike Leszcz, OIDF
Tom Smedinghoff, Locke Lord LLP

1.       2019 Board Elections
The election results and updated board representatives were posted at https://openid.net/2019/02/08/openid-foundation-board-leadership-in-2019/.  The current officers were unanimously re-elected.  They are  Nat Sakimura - Chairman, Adam Dawes - Vice-Chairman, John Bradley - Treasurer, Mike Jones - Secretary, and George Fletcher - Community Liaison.

2.       Strategic Investments in Certification Program
There have been steady improvements made to the Certification Roadmap deck.  This includes proposed FAPI pricing and proposed updated Connect certification pricing.  In the life of the certification program, we've only had one complaint about the certification price with hundreds participating.  We have accomplished our adoption goals and defrayed some of our costs.  We should be able to move the existing price points up a bit now without causing resistance to help more adequately cover our costs, now that the value of the program is well established.  The new member price would be $500 and the non-member price $2500.  Proposed FAPI pricing is the same, except that the price would be per-profile instead of per-implementation.
We plan $500,000 in certification investments this year.  This is the most significant expansion in member benefits in the life of the foundation.  We have substantial commitments from the OBIE in transitioning the FAPI certification program.  They have committed to prepaying for certifications for their 15 member banks, so we will have startup money to fund the new FAPI Certification activities.
We plan to announce general availability of FAPI certification as of April 1st.  (Many banks may wait until the last minute before certifying.)
The executive committee had unanimously recommended the new pricing plan.  Dale voiced his support for the new pricing program.  The board unanimously approved the proposed prices.

3.       Strategic Libraries Program
Our role will be as a librarian and to promote curation of the libraries.  We would not assume liability for usage of them.  The foundation would not fund development or promotion of the libraries out of our general funds.  We plan to operate the program without cost to use the libraries in order to encourage adoption.  We plan to cover our costs through directed funding.  The foundation would be the owner of the code.  This is the same model as for AppAuth.  Multiple companies are working on securing directed funding to support library development and maintenance.
Nat suggested to the executive committee that we look at how the Linux Foundation and Apache manage software projects, as points of comparison.  Nat requested that we do a study of how other foundations successfully manage software projects.  Don is taking lead on this with help from Adam.  Don plans to have preliminary results in time for our in-person meeting at RSA.

4.       FAPI Liaison Update
Nat reported that we are applying for a liaison relationship with the ECB.  Other OpenID Foundation members are as well.  We are creating liaison statements with pertinent information to other organizations that we have liaison relationships with.  Don is working on establishing a liaison relationship with the Financial Data Exchange, which was recently created by FSISAC.  Don plans to speak at their conferences.

5.       Strategic Investments in OpenID Connect Federation
OpenID Connect Federation is the third strategic initiative for the foundation this year.  Yesterday the executive committee approved Roland Hedberg representing us at three federation conferences this year and providing some support for his work on the federation specification.

6.       Account Chooser
As described in yesterday's Executive Committee minutes, Adam suggested that we plan for orderly deprecation of accountchooser.com.  He has communicated this proposal to the Account Chooser working group and is seeking comments.

7.       Financial Update
We are on sound financial ground.  John reported that now is the right time to spend on strategic programs that we have saved money for.  Don will present financial details at the face-to-face board meeting during RSA.

8.       Upcoming Calendar Highlights
There will be a face-to-face board meeting the afternoon of Wednesday, March 6th during RSA.  That evening we will have a dinner celebrating 5 years since the approval of OpenID Connect.

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