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March 8, 2018 OpenID Executive Committee Call Minutes


Don Thibeau, Executive Director

Nat Sakimura

John Bradley

George Fletcher


Mike Jones

Adam Dawes


Mike Leszcz, OpenID Foundation Staff

Tom Smedinghoff, LockeLord LLP

OIDF/OIX/Open Banking Workshop in London – March 21, 2018

Don Thibeau confirmed the upcoming Open Banking workshop. Don confirmed that John Bradley and Nat Sakimura will be participating in the workshop agenda. Don will host an informal dinner meeting on Sunday March 18th at 630 pm at the Rennaisance St. Pancras Hotel for those interested.

OpenID Certification Program Status Overview

Don Thibeau mentioned that a key certification team member, Hans Zanbelt, is going to be unavailable for the foreseeable future. This was an unexpected event and as a result, the Certification Committee is looking at options to cover Hans’ contributions to the Certification Program. Don Thibeau will report back to the EC on these efforts to find additional resources.

As part of this contingency planning, Don and the certification team will update the 2018 Certification Roadmap presentation and have that prepared for the next board meeting at IIW on May 4, 2018. Don will share an early draft for those attending the Open Banking Workshop in London in two weeks for feedback.

Don mentioned that there were already some strains on resource availability to potentially fully support any consideration of transitioning to the Open Banking code.

Nat Sakimura mentioned it would be good to consider to Java-based code since it’s a team effort. Nat mentioned that there are Java resources more readily available including Hitachi, KDDI, and Gluu.

George Fletcher inquired about Open Banking framework (Nat – Java Spring framework). George mentioned Cucumber is a good test development platform with a Java backend. George isn’t certain if it’s a potential fit but suggested worth a consideration. George continued that if we’re going to make a transition from Python to Java, we need to do a very detailed assessment of re-using the Open Banking Java-based platform. Need to look at any transition holistically.

Don Thibeau suggested the entire board revisit this topic at the next board meeting at IIW on May 4, 2018.

Partner/Liaison Updates

Nat Sakimura provided the following liaison updates:

  *   Started to engage quite heavily with TC68 because of the FAPI WG. Looks like it will move fast and is being led by UK national body. Nat senses they want Open Banking as international standard so FAPI WG will be submitting Part 1 and Part 2 draft to the TC68 in the coming weeks. It will be presented at their meeting in April. Dave Tong will be there in-person to represent FAPI WG.
  *   C27 meeting is coming up. Nat is going to share the entire document set with board and will do so soon. Nat has requested review and comments in support of liaison agreement.
  *   Paul Grassi will continue as OpenID Foundation liaison officer to ANSI X9 and TC68.
  *   Anoop Saxena is going to present to FAPI WG to the FS-ISAC: Financial Services - Information Sharing and Analysis Center<https://www.fsisac.com/>. Nat encouraged participation in this FAPI WG meeting on March 20, 2018 at 7PM PT.

Update on RISC WG

Don Thibeau provided an update in Adam Dawes absence. Don mentioned that members of the RISC WG have been working hard on a bi-lateral agreement led by Adam Dawes (Google) and Dick Hardt (Amazon). This is seen as a step towards other similar agreements. Others in the WG continue to working on a multi-lateral agreement within the RISC WG.

Don also mentioned that Tom Smedinghoff will be providing feedback on a trust framework for a multi-lateral signal sharing agreement model that may also be considered. Tom recently participated in a FTF RISC WG legal focused meeting to discuss this approach.

Update on Challenge Grant to Women in Identity Internship

Don Thibeau shared that OIX and OIDF are supporting this new group in our community. Members of both organizations are supporting an internship within WID via directed funding. All are encouraged to join the effort.

Don Thibeau shared that Pam Dingle will moving on from the board as she transitions from Ping Identity. Nat Sakimura asked that the board send a letter to Pam in recognition for her service to the Foundation. Don took the action item to draft this letter of recognition as well as a public blog.

Update on Blockchain, Identity and Governance 2018 Workshop

Don Thibeau shared with the EC that OIX is hosting the OIX Blockchain, Identity and Governance Workshop at Stanford Law School on May 9, 2018. All OIDF members will be invited to this workshop is a one-day educational workshop for lawyers, policy makers and technologists involved in deploying self governing, widely distributed systems at internet scale using distributed ledger technology.

AOB: Hans Zandbelt

Nat Sakimura requested that the board send a letter to Hans thanking him for his contributions to date and wishing him well until he can rejoin the team. Don Thibeau took the action item to draft letter.

AOB: StackExchange

Don Thibeau brought it to the EC attention that StackExchange recently tagged the Foundation on Twitter recently announcing their abandoning support of OpenID Connect because it’s too difficult to support. The EC agreed to take a closer look and determine if an official response is required.

Link to StackExchange announcement: https://meta.stackexchange.com/questions/307647/support-for-openid-ends-on-july-1-2018?cb=1

Upcoming 2018 Calendar Highlights

  *   3/21 – Open Banking Workshop
  *   4/2 - OIDF Workshop at Oracle – please register
  *   4/4 – OIDF Board Meeting at IIW
  *   4/18 - Board Dinner & Social at RSA – invitations out soon
  *   5/15 - OIDF Workshop & Board Meeting at EIC

The Executive Committee call adjourned at 3:52PM PT.

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