[OpenID board] January 11, 2018 OpenID Executive Committee Call Minutes

Mike Jones Michael.Jones at microsoft.com
Fri Jan 19 06:56:54 UTC 2018

January 11, 2018 OpenID Executive Committee Call Minutes

Don Thibeau, Executive Director
Mike Jones
John Bradley
Nat Sakimura
George Fletcher
Adam Dawes


Mike Leszcz, OpenID Foundation Staff
Tom Smedinghoff, Locke Lord LLP

1.       Status of Current Certification Program
Certifications continue to come in.  We are doing the engineering work to light up the Form Post Response Mode tests.  This primarily consists of implementing a UI checkbox to turn on the Form Post Response Mode tests and not show others.  This kind of work will be needed to add other profiles to the certification suite, so this engineering is not strictly one-off work.

2.       FAPI/Open Banking Developments
The Open Banking standard is still incomplete.  FinTech labs is the certification contractor to OIBE.  Because there is no standard, each of the 9 banks is doing its own thing.  There is a planned OpenID/OIX workshop on Tuesday the 30th in London.  We will use this as a forcing function to create a dialog among many of the stakeholders.

The OIDF commissioned a report by Hans Zandbelt to provide a fact base that captures a snapshot of the FAPI/Open Banking/FinTech status and plans.  We are trying to provide some leadership and structure for the effort.  Hans will be in London.  We plan to feed information learned during the January 30th discussion into the report.  We plan to release the report to the board on or around February 1st.

Don has met with Ping Identity and will be meeting with ForgeRock to encourage them to provide additional resources to the FAPI and Open Banking efforts, including for certification.

3.       Elections Under Way
The individual and corporate elections are currently in the nomination phase.  The individual election is at https://openid.net/foundation/members/elections/31.

4.       Liaison Update
We have been working with the Open Travel organization.  Their members include airlines, hotels, and rental car companies.  We held a call with Open Travel last week.  They are very interested in both OpenID Connect and our self-certification model.  Don will be speaking at one of their international meetings in Amsterdam.

Since Paul Grassi has left NIST, Nat is asking him if he plans to continue as our liaison to ANSI/X.9 and ISO/TC 68.

5.       OpenID Foundation Membership Survey
Don hopes to have the results available to the board at our face-to-face meeting at IIW.

6.       Upcoming Meetings and Events
We will have an online board meeting following the election on February 15th.
The OpenID workshop preceding IIW will be at Oracle on April 2nd.
We will be having the OpenID/OIX boards dinner at RSA and the traditional after-hours event on April 18th.
We plan to have an OpenID workshop and board meeting preceding EIC on May 14th.
An OIDF planning calendar is attached.

[Adam Dawes joined the call at this point]

7.       RISC Legal Work
Google, Microsoft, and others have contributed to a draft multi-lateral legal agreement to use for RISC and in similar contexts.  It defines a trust framework for the RISC use case.  There is a meeting planned for January 31st in Mountain View.  Amazon, Intuit, and Google plan to attend.  Microsoft, PayPal and others may also attend.  The agreement will be freely usable by parties to facilitate multi-lateral information sharing.  The contract text is being reviewed by Tom Smedinghoff.  The plan is for the document to be made available by the OpenID Foundation.

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