[OpenID board] October 22, 2018 OpenID Board Meeting Minutes

Mike Jones Michael.Jones at microsoft.com
Wed Dec 12 21:48:52 UTC 2018

October 22, 2018 OpenID Board Meeting Minutes

Don Thibeau, Executive Director
Mike Jones
George Fletcher
Dale Olds
Sarah Squire
Adam Dawes
Bjorn Hjelm

Present on the Phone:
John Bradley

Amit Dhingra
Masato Obata
Tony Nadalin
Nat Sakimura

Mike Leszcz, OIDF

1.       Personnel Updates
Dale now represents VMware on the board, replacing Ashish Jain. Amit Dhingra now represents PayPal, replacing Tushar Pradhan.  Janrain has rejoined the board; they will soon name their board representative.

2.       Certification Update
We have contracted with Hans Zandbelt, increasing his role on the Certification team.  Roland Hedberg will be continuing to do certification development for the Foundation.

We are continuing to work with the Open Banking Implementation Entity (OBIE) on figuring out how to transfer FAPI testing to the Foundation.  The UK Open Banking banks have to recertify in March.  OBIE wants the foundation to be the organization administering the March certifications.  We would need to have a business model for maintaining, operating, and developing the OBIE test suite before taking on this commitment.  Don is meeting with the OBIE leadership in early November about this.

Note that OBIE currently grants waivers to some implementations that don't fully comply.  The board members present do not believe that we should be in the business of granting waivers; rather, certification should be pass/fail based on objective criteria.  Don will communicate that position to OBIE.  Adam stated that our role is to create standards and assess conformance to those standards.

We talked about continuing to develop strategy for a scalable, extensible certification framework over the long-term.  George may talk with Hans about that this week during IIW.

3.       OIDF/OIX/Open Banking Workshops
We are planning for additional workshops in 2019.  There is funding from Microsoft for some of these.  Don is looking for additional sponsors for these workshops and trying to get them scheduled.

4.       Voting Requirements for Working Group Specifications
Adam pointed out that we now have a lot of working groups and it is harder to reach the 20% quorum requirements for foundation-wide approval votes than it used to be.  Mike noted that in the history of the foundation, we have only failed to reach quorum for a vote once (the first iGov proposed Implementer's Vote).  There seems to be board agreement to consider lowering the quorum requirement to 10% for Implementer's Draft votes but not Final Specification votes.  John and some other board members are leery of any proposals to grant additional votes to sustaining members because of the optics of it.  There would also be additional logistics to tackle to administer such a program.  We will discuss all of this on the board-private list.

5.       Upcoming Elections
There will be individual and corporate board elections in January.  Mike's and John's, and Dale's board terms will expire in January.  The elections will be held in the same manner and on a comparable schedule to similar past elections.

6.       GDPR
The Foundation plans to be fully GDPR compliant.  We are not creating substantial new processes.  Don is our data controller.  Hans Zandbelt is our European designated representative.

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