[OpenID board] June 19, 2017 OpenID Board Meeting Minutes

Mike Jones Michael.Jones at microsoft.com
Thu Jul 20 15:27:34 UTC 2017

June 19, 2017 OpenID Board Meeting Minutes

Don Thibeau, Executive Director
Mike Jones
Nat Sakimura
Brian Berliner
Adam Dawes
Bjorn Hjelm
John Bradley
George Fletcher
Prateek Mishra
Ashish Jain
Tony Nadalin
Pamela Dingle

Present on the Phone:

Debbie Bucci
Masato Obata
Tushar Pradhan

Tom Smedinghoff, Locke Lord LLP
Mike Leszcz, OIDF
Arvindan Raganathan, PayPal
Nov Matake, OpenID Foundation Japan
Shin Kusunoki, NRI

1.       Board Resolution: Approve New & Updated OIDF Bylaws, Agreements and Policies
Tom Smedinghoff reviewed the status of the project to update our legal and organizational documents.  These were reviewed at the last board meeting in May.  The changes align the contribution agreement with the IPR policy and procedures.  They also align the procedures with how we've actually been doing business.

The changes were unanimously adopted.  Mike Jones will work as Secretary to draft the voting announcement to the membership.

2.       Board Resolution: Approve Florida Agency for State Technology's Request to Publish OpenID Specification
We discussed whether to allow the State of Florida to post copies of the OpenID Connect specifications.  We decided to ask them the keep paper copies on file rather than posting them.  Don and Tom will write a blog post about this decision.

3.       Vote for Implementer's Drafts of OpenYOLO for Android Specification
This vote is under way.

4.       Public Review Period for "Financial API - Part 2: Read and Write API Security Profile" Started
The 45-day review period began on June 1st.

5.       Public Review Period for Five HEART Specifications Started
The 45-day review period began on June 2nd.

6.       OpenID Certification Program Update
New OP and RP certifications continue to come in, both from members and non-members.  Some certifiers are choosing to become members at the time of their certifications.

Both Hans Zandbelt and Roland Hedberg are under new contracts that run through the end of 2017.  The deliverables in these contracts include updating the OP software version, enabling new OP and RP certification test suites for form post response mode, refresh token behaviors, logout functionality, and OP-initiated logout, and maintenance and operation of the certification software and sites.

We plan to move off of the Symantec-provided certification hosts by the end of the year, per Symantec's request.

7.       OpenID Foundation Website Updates
The board thanked Nov Matake for the useful and timely work that he is doing for the OpenID Foundation.  The motion carried unanimously.

Nov is also under contract to the foundation through the end of 2017.

8.       RESO & OpenID Foundation - Connecting Standards
Several RESO members have joined the OpenID Foundation.  They are using the OpenID Certification suite as part of their certification program.  They are encouraging their members to also directly obtain OpenID Certification.

9.       Open Banking Identity Contract Update
A statement of work has been developed by Hans Zandbelt to create certification software for the FAPI standards.  The Open Banking Working group is evaluating the proposal.  The proposal contains a 15% overhead fee going to the OpenID Foundation to cover our costs of administering the contract.  The draft contract has undergone legal review by Tom Smedinghoff.  We are waiting for banks to join the foundation and to produce designated funds to support the program.

John pointed out that we should have the contributors sign code contribution agreements so that it is clear that the OpenID Foundation has rights to the code.

10.   Upcoming Meetings & Events
Our events are posted at http://openid.net/foundation/calendar-of-events/.
There is a FAPI meeting in London on July 12th.
OpenID Connect Federation will be discussed during the September 12-14 NORDU workshop in Copenhagen, per https://events.nordu.net/display/NTW2017/Welcome.
The OpenID Workshop before IIW will be October 16th at PayPal.
The next F2F board meeting will be October 18th at IIW.

11.   Liaison Report
ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 17/WG 4 (Driver's License Group) sent a liaison request.  They are working on a mobile driver's license using OpenID Connect.

Nat and Tony talked about the possibility of submitting a profile of OpenID Connect to ISO.  Note that ISO requires rewriting the specifications.  ITU doesn't require rewriting.

We have sent a liaison request to ISO TC68 - Financial Services.  It is in letter ballot state.

The Linux Foundation's Automotive Grade profile group is considering OpenID Connect.  They are considering a liaison relationship with us.

There may be interest from the GSMA in interacting with FAPI.  Bjorn Hjelm is working on establishing a liaison relationship with the GSMA to facilitate collaborations.

12.   Financial Update
We currently have ten sustaining members.  Due to budgetary issues, one may not renew.  We expect that loss to be offset by new members joining from the financial sector.

We are in good financial shape.  We have sufficient funds to conduct our planned activities.

13.   OpenID Status at the CIS
Thanks to Ping Identity for incorporating the OpenID content into the main program of the Cloud Identity Summit.

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