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Subject: Minutes of OpenID iGov Working Group Meeting at NIST 13-Jan-15

Minutes of OpenID iGov Working Group Meeting at NIST 13-Jan-15

              Don Thibeau, OpenID Foundation
              Mike Jones, Microsoft
              John Bradley, Ping Identity
              Julian White, UK Cabinet Office
              Adam Cooper, UK Cabinet Office
              Sarah Squire, Engage Identity
              Justin Richer, Bespoke Engineering
              Anthony Nadalin, Microsoft
              George Fletcher, AOL
              Dmitry Barinov, SecureKey
              Tom Smedinghoff, Locke Lord
              Matt Topper, Uber Ether
              Derek Smeds, Uber Ether
              Mike Polosky, Verizon
              Debbie Bucci, US HHS ONC
              Jim Fenton, independent
              Judy Keator, SecureKey
              Bjorn Hjelm, Verizon
              Mike Leszcz, OIX
              Marcel Wendt, Digidentity
              Michael Garcia, NIST
              Sudhi Umarji, NIST
              Ken Klingenstein,  Internet2
              Stu Vaeth, SecureKey
              Chris Chapman, SecureKey (remote participant)

The OpenID Foundation "Note Well" was presented
Don Thibeau, the OpenID Foundation executive director, welcomed people to the working group meeting
Mike Jones spoke about the OpenID Working group process, as OpenID Board Secretary
He surveyed working group materials:
              Working Group Page:  http://openid.net/wg/igov/
              Mailing List (please join!):  http://lists.openid.net/mailman/listinfo/openid-specs-igov
              Charter:  http://openid.net/igov-wg-draft-charter/

Working group chairs were unanimously selected:
              Adam Cooper of the UK Cabinet Office
              Paul Grassi of NIST (via Mike Garcia)
              John Bradley of Ping Identity (and a resident of Chile)

John Bradley talked about potential contributions to the working group, including some of the HEART working group materials
Adam Cooper spoke about his role architecting UK Government identity solutions
Dmitry Barinov of SecureKey spoke about the use of OpenID Connect in connect.gov
Mike Jones talked about OpenID Certification as an example of an activity of a working group
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