[OpenID board] January 6, 2016 OpenID Executive Committee Call Minutes

Mike Jones Michael.Jones at microsoft.com
Thu Feb 18 18:03:16 UTC 2016

January 6, 2016 OpenID Executive Committee Call Minutes

Don Thibeau, Executive Director
John Bradley
George Fletcher
Mike Jones
Nat Sakimura
Adam Dawes

Tom Smedinghoff, Locke Lord LLP

1.       Meetings in DC Next Week

We mentioned the iGov meeting next week in Washington, DC, as well as the NIST meeting and the OIX meeting.

2.       Infrastructure Development in 2016

In the coming year, we should consider several kinds of infrastructure updates.

Darin Richardson, our programming consultant, has decided to wind down our relationship after completing his current deliverables, which include enhancing the administrative interfaces and enabling certification payments.  Don and Mike are working with Darin on a transition plan.  We are already separately working on accepting OpenID Connect logins on our site.  We should also consider implementing Account Chooser this year.

We may want to do updates to our legal documents to increase their understandability - particularly the contribution agreements.  These changes would be to address questions that have come up in reviews by potential members.

We plan to beef up our support for open source projects implementing OpenID specifications.  This may include setting up a corporate github account.  John pointed out that one already exists at https://github.com/openid.  We may need to clear up ambiguities in how the contribution agreements apply to code, as opposed to specification text.

John said that we need to not allow people who haven't signed contribution agreements to make contributions.  Mike encouraged Adam and William to put the code in the OpenID repository rather than another one, so that expectations are set appropriately.

Per our previous discussions, it's already fine for people to contribute code to working groups under the current contribution agreement.  If any blocking issues are found in the contribution agreement, they will be sent to the executive committee for quick evaluation.  We believe that there are no impediments to working group members contributing code now and for people to use that code.

We apparently need to clarify that contributions may be used for working group-owned implementations (as opposed to just specifications).  Nat suggested that we do this an appendix or addendum to the existing contribution agreement, rather than a revision. John suggested that we integrate agreeing to this addendum into the mechanics of making a pull request. People liked that approach.  John volunteered to work with William on making this happen.  John later asked us to consider whether the addendum should just be the Apache 2 contribution agreement.

3.       OpenID Board Elections

The annual election process has started.  There is one community seat open and the one corporate seat open.  The nominating period is currently open.  See https://openid.net/2016/01/04/announcing-the-openid-foundation-individual-community-board-member-2016-election-schedule/ for information about the community election.

4.       Non-Member OP Certification Pricing

The $999/$499 pricing points recommended by the EC were presented to the board and discussed.  They appeared to be largely embraced by the board, with caveats that we may need to refine how we describe the plan and how to best incentivize ongoing membership.  Nat said that we will need to work on the announcement of the pricing.  Nat will plan to refresh the discussion that died over the holidays.

5.       Cloud Identity Summit

The OpenID Foundation content at the Cloud Identity Summit (CIS) will part of the main conference program - not a side meeting before CIS.  CIS will be June 6-9, 2016 in New Orleans.

6.       OpenID Workshop in Chile

John is arranging an OpenID Workshop in Santiago, Chile.  He's secured sponsors and a venue.  It will either be the Thursday, March 31st or Friday, April 1st before IETF 95 Buenos Aries.

7.       Enhanced Authentication Profile (EAP) Working Group

Creation of Enhanced Authentication Profile (EAP) working group was approved by the specifications council.  Next steps will be to advertise it on our Web site and hold a first meeting.

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