[OpenID board] February 18, 2016 OpenID Executive Committee Call Minutes

Mike Jones Michael.Jones at microsoft.com
Fri Apr 29 21:37:46 UTC 2016

February 18, 2016 OpenID Executive Committee Call Minutes

Don Thibeau, Executive Director
John Bradley
George Fletcher
Mike Jones
Adam Dawes
Nat Sakimura

Tom Smedinghoff, Locke Lord LLP
John Ehrig, Global Inventures

Discussion of Agenda Items

1.       Mike Jones reported on his and Don's trip to Portland to see Janrain who have started building an OpenID Connect general log-in and Darin Richardson who is our on-line membership database tech support contractor. The certification program has changed the conversation with Janrain.  They understand that their costs to integrate with certified OpenID Providers will be substantially less because custom integrations won't be needed.  Mike has invested considerable time working with Darin in updating and upgrading the membership database and other critical openid.net site functionality and on replacing and putting payment mechanisms in place for certifications.  Darin has informed Don and Mike that he wants to wind down his contracting relationship with the foundation after completing the current contract deliverables.  Darin said that he will remain available to us to answer questions, etc.  Don is working on Darin's replacement and in the meantime Darin has provided Mike with credentials and passwords to the website and Mike will provide this information to the EC. Mike recommended continuing the hosting arrangement with OSUOSL due to the non-trivial nature of changing hosts and because OSUOSL does do a good job keeping software up to date and performing backups.

2.       Tom provided an overview of the legal work and its implications from an operations and business perspective.  After "fast tracking" the Contributor License Agreement (CLA) work and moving Google's contribution through that new process, Tom is going to be working on resolving legal doc discrepancies and clarifying membership/working group requirements.  He will specifically be revising the existing Contribution Agreement form to make sure it conforms to the IPR policy, combing the 2 existing Member Agreements into one so the same terms and conditions apply to all members, updating the Privacy Policy to reflect the recent US/EU safe harbor changes, updating the trademark and certification mark policy, updating the Terms and Conditions for Certification of Conformance to an Open ID Connect Conformance Profile, and revising the bylaws as required to reflect the policy updates.  Tom believes this can all be accomplished without having to revise the IPR policy.   Nat indicated that he will have the draft revised legal docs reviewed from a Japan legal perspective.

3.       The agenda for the F2F Meeting in San Francisco on May 2 was discussed.  The agenda will cover 2016 Board Election results and EC nominations and election, board approval for electronic signatures, OpenID Certification Program Update, OIDF Database & Website Updates, OIDF Legal Document Review Update, Trademark Filing Status, Working Group Updates, Proposed SCIM and Financial API, Japan Chapter Update, and Liaisons Updates.

4.       Hannes Tschofenig is co-chairing the IETF ACE working group, which is developing solutions for authentication and authorization for Internet of Things. At the last IETF meeting, the group decided to use OAuth as starting point for the protocol solution and profiling some of the OAuth exchanges to use other protocols (such as CoAP) and also encodings (such as CBOR/COSE for access tokens).  Hannes believes that there will be a lot of re-use of existing OAuth (and event OpenID Connect) infrastructure and he asked whether it is possible to use the already established testing infrastructure at the OpenID Foundation for the solutions developed at the IETF ACE working group. His expectation is that the test cases would be an extension of the already developed test suite by Roland Hedberg. The EC agreed that spending OIDF money and foundation resources on this work was not advised, but that more information is needed before the EC can make a recommendation and to explore if this is within the scope of the OIDF.  Individuals are of course free to volunteer to work on this, apart from it being a project of the foundation or its working groups.  John and Mike took the action to follow up with Hannes.

5.       AOB:  there was no AOB to discuss and the meeting was adjourned.

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