[OpenID board] September 4, 2014 OpenID Executive Committee Call Minutes

Henrik Biering hb at netamia.com
Tue Sep 16 09:30:25 UTC 2014

By 16-09-2014 01:27, Mike Jones wrote:
> *2.**EU Trademark Update*
> We are making progress in transferring the European trademark 
> registrations.  France is the remaining country we are working on.
The Danish Trademark is still registered to Snorri, and no 
correspondence has been registered relating to this trademark since 2009:

Can I be of any help? (I assisted Snorri with the registration process 
in 2008).

It also appears that there are some other active "OpenID" trademark 
registrations other than the OIDF one:
https://www.tmdn.org/tmview/bookmark?q=OpenID (press "20" above the 
result table to see all results")


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