[OpenID board] Account Chooser WG Update

Adam Dawes adawes at google.com
Wed Oct 29 16:41:03 UTC 2014

Here is the recent progress to the Board since its last meeting:


   - Decided to do a significant rev to the spec with significant change to
   the language we're using to describe parts of the Account Chooser. We were
   overly using federation terminology which was confusing some people.
   account -> account record
   shadow account -> federated account
   password account -> local account

   - Pam is integrating 3 different versions of the spec into a new
   consolidated spec. She's looking to do that by the next AC workgroup call
   in two weeks.

*Production Changes*

   - Migration of DNS and SSL certs to Symantec for accountchooser.com and
   accountchooser.biz. Beginning work to also transfer accountchooser.net.
   - One bug fix pushed to production on showing of IDP accounts to sites
   that only show passwords.

*Complementary Efforts*

   - Google making proposal
   to offer account chooser model inside web browsers. This has gotten vocal
   support from Mozilla and at recent W3C Security sub workgroup meeting,
   straw poll had 16/20 supporting moving this towards standardization inside
   the browser.
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