[OpenID board] OIDF Board and EC 2014/15 Meeting Calendar Feedback

Mike Jones Michael.Jones at microsoft.com
Thu Jul 31 18:12:07 UTC 2014

I would choose RSA over IIW for the Spring board meeting.  The kinds of focused multi-hour board meetings we can have at RSA are much more valuable than the rushed, distracted ones we have at IIW.  We should also try to have the OIX board meet there and have a joint lunch again.  We should plan for a 2-3 hour board meeting at RSA so we have time to tackle substantive strategy and planning issues - not just rush through an agenda, which is all we have time for in one-hour meetings.

The other reason for choosing RSA is that I think we should be planning for P.R. and public launch events for a number of our initiatives there (and planning our work in the working groups accordingly).  The press is at RSA.  They aren't at IIW.

We should schedule a full board call soon after the election ends to elect officers - mid-to-late February.

Pam and John, can you please impress upon the Ping Identity meeting planners the importance of not scheduling CIS on top of IETF again - in this case the July 19-24 meeting in Prague?

                                                            -- Mike

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I think we should be reducing the meetings at IETF unless there is some progress in the Health Care or Mobile profiles. There should not be any weekend board meetings (like at CIS), I would shoot for only 3-4 (max) F2F board meetings a year with optional video intriem.

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For 1 that is fine on Oct 30. (There is an extra 19 in the date that I am ignoring)
2 is fine.

2a I note that MWC is March 2-5 in Barcelona and we may want to plan something around that, though probably not a board meeting.
2b IETF 92 Dallas March 22-27  (probably WG meeting)

3 Hotels are not cheep for IIW.   I will probably only do one of those events, but what one will likely depend on finding funding, so I am undecided at this point.

4 If we must.
4a IETF 93 Prague July 19-24  (I hope that doesn't collide with CIS again)  (WG meetings)

5 This may be a bit close to IETF 94, we may want to have the board meeting Wednesday to allow travel.
5a IETF 94 Yokohama Nov 1-6 (this may be an opportunity to piggyback an event with OIDFJ)

John B.
On Jul 31, 2014, at 7:52 AM, Don Thibeau <don at oidf.org<mailto:don at oidf.org>> wrote:

Your comments are requested regarding the proposed meetings times and locations. I have references the OIX meetings FYI.

1. The next OIX/OIDF FTF Full Board Meetings are on 19 October 30, 2014 in Mountain View in the morning as per previous years.

2. The OpenID Foundation Workshop is on Monday 10/27 Venue TBD

3. IN 2015 IIW and RSA are right on top of one another. Pick one ( RSA is the better alternative but the hotels are very expensive) IIW 20 is April 7-9, 2015 in MV  or RSA 2015 April 20-24 in SF

4. The Cloud Idenity Summit is 2015 July TBD, San Diego

5. IIW 21  October 27-29, 2015 in MV

6. OIX/OIDF Full Board Con Calls:
We have not been scheduling full board con calls between FTF meetings.
We plan to continue that cadence in 2015.

7. OIX/OIDF EC Con Calls:
We have been calendaring calls the first Thursday of the month, skipping the months we have full FTF board meetings and August and December as off months.
We plan to continue that cadence in 2015.
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