[OpenID board] January 9, 2014 OpenID Board Call Minutes

Mike Jones Michael.Jones at microsoft.com
Wed Feb 12 22:04:31 UTC 2014

January 9, 2014 OpenID Board Call Minutes

Don Thibeau, Executive Director
Nat Sakimura
Mike Jones
George Fletcher
John Bradley
Scott Kern
Henrik Biering
Pamela Dingle
Greg Keegstra
Raj Mata
Eric Sachs

Paul Agbabian
Dylan Casey
Tony Nadalin
Axel Nennker

John Ehrig, Global Inventures

1.      Corporate board seat election update
The corporate board set election has opened.  Several candidates have already expressed interest.  Nominations will close on January 20th.

2.      RSA Board Meeting
The agenda will look at strategic issues and opportunities for the Foundation.  We will elect a new executive committee then.  One agenda item will be Account Chooser bootstrapping.  We anticipate a joint announcement with the GSMA.  We should discuss liaison actions then.  Trademark issues are likely to be on the agenda as well.  We will celebrate and launch OpenID Connect on Wednesday, February 26th.

3.      Liaison Update
ISO/IEC JTC1 SC27/WG5 voting is under way.  It takes four months.  Our liaison committee for them should in place by the end of March.  We agreed that, for now, the executive committee will serve as the liaison committee.

We currently have no liaison relationship with ITU-T SG17.  Nat will informally ask about establishing that at the end of the month and will report back to the board.  One relevant work item is x.ATAG (Attribution Aggregation).  A benefit would be making it possible for them to reference our specs.

We received a liaison request from Kantara.  We agreed to establish a liaison relationship.  Mike stated his belief that our liaison representative should not be someone who is also a Kantara board member, so that the relationship is clearly being conducted at arm's length.

We discussed the potential conflicts of interest in OpenID Board members working on OpenID Connect deployment profiles in other organizations, rather than in the OpenID Foundation.  As a specific outcome of this discussion, John Bradley agreed to share the work he's been doing on a Connect profile for the U.S. Government with the OpenID Connect working group on an ongoing basis.

[Eric Sachs joined the call at this point]

4.      OpenID Connect Update
Mike described where we are on approving final OpenID Connect specifications, per http://openid.net/2013/12/20/review-of-proposed-final-openid-connect-specifications-and-implementers-drafts/.  He highlighted that we still have work to do to produce a final session management (logout) specification.  Eric Sachs took an action to have his engineering team engage on this topic.

5.      Account Chooser Report
In October, push bootstrapping was demonstrated.  The working group believes we're technically ready to go for push bootstrapping for OIDF member companies.  Push bootstrapping for a broader audience is being worked on.  Whitelist privacy and legal issues still need board input.  Don circulated a draft self-certification document to the board for review.

We discussed that a board vote should be taken about this, since it has privacy implications.  A board vote on this will be taken at the RSA meeting.  People wanting specific changes to the proposed language should provide them before RSA.

[Raj Mata left the meeting at this point]

6.      Recruiting Report
Salesforce has renewed its corporate membership and ForgeRock has joined as a corporate member.  Several additional prospects are likely, including several large companies.

7.      Marketing Report
Connect launch events in Barcelona and San Francisco on February 26th are planned.  A GSMA meeting in London during RSA is being planned.  Statements of support for the Connect launch from members and deployers are being collected.

8.      Native Applications Report
The Native Applications specification has been refactored to separate API definitions from protocol definitions.

9.      Calendar
We have agreements for OpenID workshops at GSM Mobile World Congress, the European Identity and Cloud Conference, and the Cloud Identity Summit.

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