[OpenID board] May 8, 2013 OpenID Board Meeting Minutes

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Tue May 21 22:08:34 UTC 2013

May 8, 2013 OpenID Board Meeting Minutes

Present in Person:
Don Thibeau, Executive Director
Mike Jones
Eric Sachs
Tony Nadalin
Nat Sakimura
Axel Nennker
Henrik Biering
George Fletcher
Greg Keegstra
Raj Mata
John Bradley

Present on the Phone:
Pamela Dingle
Paul Agbabian

Scott Kern

John Ehrig, Global Inventures
Adam Dawes, Google (alternate representative)
Tomo Okada, NRI

1.       Introductions
Raj Mata is now the primary representative from PayPal.  Farhang Kassaei is their alternate representative.

2.       Bylaws Amendments
The board unanimously adopted the bylaws changes outlined at the last board meeting.  Don will proceed with the 501(c)(6) filing with the amended bylaws.

3.       Budget Report
We continue operating on a break-even basis.  We are working to recruit additional corporate members, capitalizing on the fee structure and bylaws changes intended to make membership more attractive to corporate members.

4.       OpenID Connect Working Group Report
An in-person working group meeting was held on Monday.  Changes made to the specs as a result were essentially only clarifications.  We are within a week or two of being ready for the Implementer's Draft votes.  Tony requested that Google verify that no changes would be needed to OpenID Connect to work with Google's channel ID proposal.  Adam Dawes agreed to follow up on that.  The working group will begin another round of interop testing as soon as the Implementer's Draft versions are available.

5.       Account Chooser Working Group Report
Nat is working to get the Account Chooser specs into a standards-track document.  The working group is also discussing means of roaming account information between a user's browsers and best practices for having platforms present chooser user interfaces.

6.       Backplane Exchange Working Group Report
The Backplane Exchange 2.0 specification is now available.  Adoption continues.  The working group is discussing possible testing for implementations.  Don will follow up with the working group on the testing topic.  Don will be sending membership recruitment materials with help from JanRain to Backplane Exchange participants.  John Ehrig will follow up with Greg about contribution agreements.

7.       Marketing Update
We are having an OpenID event in Munich at the EIC next Monday.  Don will work with Pam on a refreshed approach to the OpenID workshop in July at the Cloud Identity Summit.  The Account Chooser web site was updated to add visuals for use by journalists, etc.  The marketing committee is discussing more developer-focused outreach, possibly building upon the successful approach taken to build the Japanese OpenID developer community.

The main foundation web site is getting stale.  We'd done a study of what it would take to update it, the report from which is available at https://www.dropbox.com/sh/djghmcuppauls6y/YgtvMgiMns.  (The report was discussed by the executive committee on the December 6, 2012 call.  The executive committee disagreed with some of the recommendations - especially proscribing the use of particular tools, but agreed that some of them would be valuable.)  Doing a website overhaul would take about $20-30K of directed funding.  To date, no one has volunteered to fund this work.  Henrik volunteered to go through the existing web site and delete content that is no longer relevant or accurate.

8.       FICAM and OpenID Connect
FICAM has expressed an interest in profiling OpenID Connect and OAuth.  Tony expressed concerns that this would result in a different variant of OpenID Connect.  John Bradley said that the foundation could produce a higher-LOA profile independently of FICAM and recommend that FICAM use it.  This would consist of best practices and rationale with no normative changes.  The target would be a blog post reviewed by the working group.

[ Paul Agbabian called in at this point.  (He had been on a flight.) ]

9.       Local Chapters Policy
Henrik proposed some specific proposed changes to the local chapters policy.  The local chapters committee members at present are Nat, Mike, and Don.  Henrik also joined the committee.  Henrik's proposed changes will be discussed among the local chapters committee.

10.   Other Possible Interop and Testing Events
The MIT Kerberos consortium is picking up Mitre's OpenID Connect implementation.  They want to hold an interop event using Roland's and Andreas' test site.  Our position on that is that the current interop testing is organized by the OpenID Connect Working Group using resources offered to us by OSIS and GÉANT and the other participants and that anyone is free to participate in contributing test results.

Joni Brennan had told some board members that Kantara is interested in doing certification for OpenID Connect.  As previously discussed by the board, we're not ready to do certification.  At some point, we might consider when and how to do that, but now isn't the time.  Don will report the board's position back to Joni.

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