[OpenID board] February 27, 2013 OpenID Board Meeting Minutes

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February 27, 2013 OpenID Board Meeting Minutes

Present in Person:
Don Thibeau, Executive Director
Mike Jones
John Bradley
Eric Sachs
Tony Nadalin
Nat Sakimura
Greg Keegstra
Scott Kern
Pamela Dingle

Present on the Phone:
Axel Nennker
Henrik Biering
George Fletcher

Farhang Kassaei (with proxy to Don Thibeau)
Paul Agbabian

John Ehrig, Global Inventures

1.      Introductions
The board members were introduced to one another, with Henrik Biering joining the board.  The board thanks Kick Willemse for his service to the OpenID Foundation and looks forward to his continued participation in activities of the Foundation.  Don reminded board members of their legal and fiduciary responsibilities to fulfill the mission of the organization.

2.      Executive Committee Election
Greg asked how well the executive committee worked last year.  It was agreed that all members of the executive committee pulled their weight last year and acted to advance the mission of the Foundation.

Scott moved that Nat Sakimura, Eric Sachs, John Bradley, and Mike Jones be re-elected to the executive committee as Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Treasurer, and Secretary and that George Fletcher be elected to the executive committee in the community liaison role.  Greg seconded the motion, which passed unanimously.

Tony noted for the record that the executive committee consists of mostly Community Board Members.  However, no alternative slate was proposed.  Mike commented that since all directors have a responsibility to act in the best interests of the foundation, there should not be any problem in practice, as long as people are honoring their responsibilities.

[ Pamela Dingle joined the meeting at this point ]

3.      Resolution Revising Board Representation
We talked about providing incentives to have more corporate members join and more closely aligning board decision-making with financial contributions by members to the Foundation.  After significant discussion the following motion was voted on and passed:

WHEREAS, the OpenID Foundation is transitioning from a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization status to a 501(c)(6) trade organization status, and
WHEREAS, providing additional incentives for corporations to join the OpenID Foundation at the Corporate Membership level could result in a more sustainable financial basis for the Foundation, and
WHEREAS, it is the interest of the Foundation for the decision-making for the Foundation to be more closely aligned with financial contributions by members of the Foundation, and
WHEREAS, it is recognized that individual Board Members have been a significant asset to the OpenID Foundation,
BE IT RESOLVED, that the bylaws of the OpenID Foundation are to be amended consistent with the following:
(1)    A new class of board membership is created to give Corporate Members a voice on the board - the class of Corporate Board Members.  A Corporate Board Member will be elected from among the Corporate Members of the Foundation on an annual basis.
(2)    The term "Community Board Member" is replaced by the term "Individual Board Member".
(3)    There will be three elected Individual Board Members once the terms of the current elected Individual Board Members expire.
(4)    The terms of the Individual Board Members who are already elected remain unchanged.

Eric Sachs moved and John Bradley seconded.  Those voting in favor were John Bradley, Eric Sachs, Tony Nadalin, Nat Sakimura, Scott Kern, Pamela Dingle, Henrik Biering, George Fletcher, and Mike Jones.  Greg Keegstra voted against.  Those abstaining were Axel Nennker and Don Thibeau (proxy for Farhang Kassaei).

A committee will produce an updated draft of the bylaws incorporating these changes to be approved by the board.

4.      Marketing Committee Report
The primary focus of the marketing committee has been on events.  The recent London event went well.  We have the Japan event next week.  Google directed funding is being used for Don's T&E at the Japan event.  We have committed to the European Identity Conference (EIC) event in May.  Microsoft directed funding is going towards the EIC event.  Google plans to donate most of its booth space at the Cloud Identity Summit to the OIDF, for member recruitment purposes.  Pam reported that at CIS, there can be half day events for OpenID and OIX.  People were in favor of having an OpenID event there.  Ping Identity directed funding is going towards Don's T&T at CIS.

5.      Account Chooser Working Group Report
The account chooser site is now operated by Symantec, with a VeriSign certificate having been deployed for it.

6.      OpenID Connect Working Group Report
Mike reported on the progress of the OpenID Connect specifications.  We will have candidate Implementer's Drafts within a small number of days - before the Japan event.  Once the Implementer's Drafts are completed, our messaging will be "This is effectively done, other than the dependencies upon IETF specifications that are not yet complete.  We will publish final specifications once the IETF dependencies have been resolved."

We will start another round of OpenID Connect interop testing once the Implementer's Drafts have been published.

7.      OpenID Events Discussion
Tony suggested that we more carefully track events where people plan to have OpenID content.  We have a list of sanctioned events (and just added the March 10 ISOC-hosted event to that list).  Tony is concerned that we engage with the unsanctioned events.  Don suggested that our default position be to provide no comment on those events.  However, we agreed that we should push back on any unsanctioned events using the OpenID name in the title.

Nat pointed out that we need to publish an acceptable trademark use policy.  Don took an action item to do that.

8.      Backplane Exchange Working Group Report
There about 10-15 active contributors to Backplane among a mailing list of about 100 people.  Numerous applications are being deployed.  For instance, American Airlines will be launching an application on Friday.

The working group is working on adding session management to the specifications.

Greg will work with John Ehrig to make sure that we have contribution agreements from all participants.  Don will work with Greg on recruiting OIDF members from among the Backplane participants.

9.      OpenID Connect Certification
Tony was approached by Joni Brennan, the Kantara executive director, about Kantara possibly doing OpenID Connect certification/conformance testing.  John Bradley let us know that he informed Joni that Kantara could not use the OpenID trademark without an agreement from the OpenID Foundation.  Nat asked whether letting them use our trademark for that purpose could result in additional revenues for the Foundation.  We agreed that this is a possibility that we could explore in the future.

We agreed that we want to continue having open and accessible testing tools that don't require paying a fee to use.  That's different than certification.

Don suggested that we form an ad-hoc committee to make certification recommendations.  Tony and John will co-chair with Mike and Scott volunteering to also participate.

[ The attached deck "OIDF FTF Board Meeting February 27 2013 Updated by the Board r1.ppt" was used during meeting ]

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