[OpenID board] July 8, 2013 OpenID Board Meeting Minutes

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Sat Jul 27 12:47:33 UTC 2013

July 8, 2013 OpenID Board Meeting Minutes

Present in Person:
Don Thibeau, Executive Director
Mike Jones
Eric Sachs
Tony Nadalin
Nat Sakimura
George Fletcher
Greg Keegstra
John Bradley
Scott Kern
Paul Agbabian
Raj Mata

Present on the Phone:
Henrik Biering

Axel Nennker

John Ehrig, Global Inventures
Adam Dawes, Google

1.      501(c)(6) filing
Our information for the 501(c)(6) filing has been forwarded to counsel.  Some documentation from early in the foundation history is still being collected.  We are on a path for our 501(c)(6) filing.  We are on budget.  We are likely to use the entire budget allocated for this.

2.      IPR Oversight Issues Around Working Groups
Don and Greg have reached out to the Backplane participants, both to finish collecting contribution agreements and to encourage them to join as Corporate Members.  We will audit the results and reach out to contributors still needing to sign IPR agreements.

John Bradley reported that all the proposers of the proposed Native Application SSO working group plan to sign the IPR agreement once the working group has been formed.  A working group is formed as an empty IPR container, with no IPR in it until it is contributed.  Once a working group is formed, per sections 4.2 through 4.4 of the IPR Policy document, contributors can join the working group by signing the IPR Contribution Agreement.

3.      Trademark Policy
Nat circulated a proposed trademark policy for review by the board.  If the board approves of it, we will submit it to our counsel, Scott Blackmer, for review.  We need a trademark policy to be able to enforce acceptable use of our trademarks.  This will be taken up at the next Executive Committee Call, which is currently scheduled for Thursday, August 8th.

4.      Finances and Recruitment
Our finances now are more stable than they have been for some time.  We are within budget, have stable financing, and anticipate no cost overruns.  Strategically, we are trying to move to a more sustainable budgeting base by increasing the number of corporate members and decreasing our reliance on funding from sustaining members.  We have simplified our membership and governance structure to make the value proposition for memberships at each level clearer.  Don will be sharing a sales and recruitment proposal with the executive committee.  Don and Greg have begun the membership outreach to Backplane Exchange contributors.  We should know by the next executive committee meeting how well the recruitment campaign has done.  Don has developed a value proposition presentation as a recruitment tool.

[ Pamela Dingle joined the meeting at this point ]

5.      National and Local Chapters
Nat asked the board to review the draft National and Local Chapters policy that was circulated to the board this morning.

6.      Marketing Committee Update
An update was sent this morning.  We discussed that the marketing committee should consider the positioning of the OpenID Foundation and its working groups relative to FIDO.

7.      Account Chooser Whitelisting Discussion
We may need a whitelisting program for parties that have permission to push entries into the Account Chooser.  Foundation Membership may be an element of this program.  Eric Sachs reported that some parties have expressed interest in Corporate Membership for this reason alone.

8.      Liaisons with Other SDOs
We submitted our liaison agreement to ISO.  It may not be looked at by them for some time.  We may also want to file a statement with SC27.  We are also looking for A5 recognition by ITU-T, which will allow the ITU-T to reference our specifications.  We may also want to consider ITU-T membership.  We will continue discussing getting an OpenID document track within the IETF.  We will also consider relationships with OASIS and the GSMA.  The GSMA already joined the OIDF as a non-profit member.

9.      OIDF Scope and the Relationship with OIX
We are discussing how and whether the OIDF might make use of OIX services and whether that makes sense.  We may also consider what scope of work makes sense for the OIDF versus the OIX.

10.   OpenID Connect Working Group Update
The OpenID Connect working group posted proposed Implementer's Drafts in early June.  We are 2/3 of the way through the 45 day review period prior to the membership vote, which will come later this month.

11.   Account Chooser Working Group Update
The working group held in in-person meeting at Microsoft last month.  A number of specific decisions and action items came out of that.

12.   Backplane Exchange Working Group Update
The outreach campaign to Backplane Exchange participants is under way.  We are communicating with them via e-mail each Wednesday.  After 3 e-mail notes, Don will phone those who haven't responded.

13.   Proposed Native Applications SSO Working Group
A charter has been circulated and is being reviewed by the Specifications Council.

14.   Yahoo Contact
Don asked for a contact at Yahoo!  Raj will make an introduction.

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