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In the future we can record Adam Dawes as "Present" representing Google.  Thus obviating the need to record Eric Sachs as "absent."

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On Aug 28, 2013, at 1:53 PM, John Ehrig wrote:

July 25, 2013 OpenID Executive Committee Call Minutes
Don Thibeau, Executive Director
Mike Jones
Nat Sakimura
John Ehrig, Global Inventures
Adam Dawes
Kick Willemse
Eric Sachs
John Bradley
The EC was not in quorum. 
1.       Native Single Authorization Agent WG Formation Status
If there are no objections among the proposers and specification council voiced in the next day, the name of the WG will be Native Application Working Group and the group will be formed.  IPR agreements will need to in-place before the WG activities will be launched.
2.       Trademark Policy
Tony N has asked Microsoft legal to review the policy and we are waiting for the review to be completed.  Once completed, Don will work with Scott Blackmer to finalize and organize an email vote for board approval.
3.       Backplane WG IPR Oversight Update
Don’s efforts at rounding up the IPR agreements have resulted in a few responses but it is moving slowly.  Don will start a 1:1 call and email effort to try to get all outstanding agreements in-place. If the agreements are all not in place by the next EC call in September, the EC agreed to make the decision to take the next step, likely terminating and reconstituting the WG.
4.       Liaisons Update
We have not heard back from ISO.  Nat is drafting a liaison statement to send to ISO.  There is no progress to report on the ITU-T front.  The GSMA CIS interaction was positive and we are now waiting for official feedback from GSMA.  Don will be meeting with them in person within the month.  MIT Collaboration group is looking at open ID Connect. 
5.       Recruiting Update
Don is working on the list of prospects garnered from the CIS booth. Don advises that he wants to see what kind of traction he gets from CIS before having the EC consider contracting recruiting services from Inventures to help supplement his efforts.  Don will add the recruiting slide deck to the website.
6.       Account Chooser Whitelisting Update
The basic framework and rules are being developed.  The technical team is building a prototype which will help further formalize the details for the framework, rules, and provide guidance on where the whitelist should ‘live’ (OIDF or OIX).
7.       (c)6 Filing Status
The attorney confirmed that he has all the information needed to complete the application and will be providing the package to Don for his signature soon.
8.       Corporate Member Board Seat Election Schedule and Process
The EC agreed to set the date to start the corporate board seat election on the September EC call.
9.       AOB
1.       The board will be asked to set a Proxy Policy for the EC
2.       Don will send the draft of the OpenID 2.0 Implementations Vulnerability Report draft to board private for review before sending it to the corporate members
3.       National Chapters policy legal review will be done after the c(6) filing is complete
4.       Don is in contact with Yahoo who has assigned to new resource to follow up on Yahoo’s unfilled board seat. 
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