[OpenID board] September 20, 2012 OpenID Executive Committee Call Minutes

Mike Jones Michael.Jones at microsoft.com
Fri Sep 28 01:01:38 UTC 2012

September 20, 2012 OpenID Executive Committee Call Minutes

Don Thibeau, Executive Director
Mike Jones
Nat Sakimura
Kick Willemse
John Bradley

John Ehrig, Global Inventures

Eric Sachs

1.      Unifying the Account Chooser, and openid.net, and Backplane Exchange web sites
Cloud4 produced a proposal and initial cost estimates on how to bring these sites together.  At Nat's request, Don will also ask them to also do an estimate of what it would take to support OpenID Connect and Account Chooser in our membership/election tools.

2.      Expanded Mission
Don is floating the idea of an "Open Identity Foundation" to people.  Doing business under that name could help people better understand our expanded mission.  Kick pointed out that our scope should include educational activities in addition to standardization.

John is talking with Lucy Lynch at the IETF about the possibility of eventually publishing some OpenID standards as RFCs.  This process might include security reviews before publication.  Discussions on this will occur at the IETF meeting in Atlanta.  We could also work to establish closer relationships with ITU-T and ISO.

John asked what our relationship is to OAuth.  Nat said that we might want to promote the OAuth specs.  Mike stated the opinion that we should take on no new technical work involving the core Connect participants until we finish the next set of Connect Implementer's Drafts.  Nat stated that the criteria to start any new work includes an assessment of whether there are sufficient resources to do the new work.

3.      Membership Structure Revisions
John Ehrig produced a proposed simplified membership tier structure that reduces the number of tiers and raises the "corporate" membership price from $10,000 to $15,000.  Don will produce before/after revenue projections.  We plan to present and potentially vote on this at the upcoming board meeting.

4.      Yahoo Representative
Despite efforts, Don was unable to get any solid leads on people to talk to at Yahoo!  We're hoping that new leads will appear at IIW.

5.      National Chapters Proposal
Some discussion of the national chapters proposal happened after the last EC meeting.  Nat will incorporate the feedback received and circulate another draft.  We intend to discuss a proposal at the upcoming board meeting.

6.      Revising the Bylaws on Community Board Representatives
John Ehrig and Don Thibeau produced two proposed alternative revisions for the bylaws.  In option 1, the concept of an "interim director" is eliminated and the board elects a new board member at the next meeting of the board after a new sustaining member joins.  In option 2, the concept of an "interim director" is also eliminated; the board must set a date for a membership election of a new community member.  Mike suggested that option 2 be revised to state that the election must be no later than the next occurring general election.  John doesn't like option 2 because it could create conflict within the board about when to have the election.  A third option would be to always have the election for the new community board member at the time of the next general election, eliminating the potential source of disagreement.

7.      Symantec Renewal
Symantec is a sustaining member.  Don met with Nico Popp's replacement and will meet again with him next Monday.  He has committed to a renewal of OIX but not yet of OIDF.  There has been a substantial reorg within Symantec and budgeting for the renewal might be challenging.

8.      Sustaining and Corporate Memberships
It would be good to have an identified pipeline of prospective members and renewals.  Nat asked Don to document the pipeline and percentage likelihoods so that we can calculate the expected value.

9.      Trademark Transfer Agreement
Nat reported that Snorri agreed to sign the trademark transfer agreement.

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