[OpenID board] September 6, 2012 OpenID Executive Committee Call Minutes

Mike Jones Michael.Jones at microsoft.com
Tue Sep 18 20:55:28 UTC 2012

September 6, 2012 OpenID Executive Committee Call Minutes

Don Thibeau, Executive Director
Mike Jones
Nat Sakimura
Eric Sachs
John Bradley

John Ehrig, Global Inventures

Kick Willemse

1.      Connect WG Status Report
The connect working group plans hold another set of implementer's draft votes late this year, with the messaging that we're effectively done but we can't be really done until we're sure that the JOSE specs we're depending upon have stopped changing.  Google will be hosting an in-person working group meeting the day before IIW.

2.      Account Chooser WG Status Report
Tim Bray is working on an actual API specification.  The working group is doing polishing work on the Account Chooser experience.

3.      Marketing Committee Report
The next Tokyo summit will be March 4-5.  Don asked Nat what the OIDF Japan's sponsorship expectations are to make the event happen.  OIDF JP is working on sponsorship packages, which should go out in about a month.  Telstra is interested in having a summit in Australia near the same time.  Nat made some updates to the openid.net site to improve its usability.

4.      Voting Tool
Nat asked what the cost of using the voting tool is.  Mike and Don stated that board elections have recently resulted in 1-3 hours of billable time with Refresh Media to tweak things, whereas other elections, such as spec approval votes are typically fully self-serve.  It didn't seem cost-effective to even consider alternatives, especially since our membership database and election tool are tightly connected, and both use OpenID.  Nat said that we should budget for accepting OpenID Connect logins next year.

5.      Backplane Exchange Proposal
The Backplane Exchange working group has formally started.  It is bringing interest from a whole new set of players.

6.      Increased Scope of Work
Don proposed to write a simple resolution to try to define the organization's increased scope.  This would be useful to have when discussing the foundation with the new members and prospective members who are coming with Account Chooser  and Backplane Exchange.

7.      Membership Structure Proposal
A preliminary membership structure proposal updating the membership tiers and prices was discussed.  Mike asked for the data to be summarized in a before/after format, ideally with rationale for the changes and with an analysis of projected revenue increases as a result of the changes.  Don agreed to produce those things.

8.      Corporate Memberships
Yahoo! still needs to appoint their board representative.  A renewal is upcoming from Symantec and Don will be meeting with them.  Another new corporation is in the process of joining at the corporate membership level.

9.      National Chapters Proposal
Nat discussed a revised national chapters proposal.  The proposal would allow revenue sharing between national chapters and the global OIDF and is intended to increase global membership in the global OIDF.  We discussed tweaking some of the specifics, such as changing it to not have the United States have any special status.  The executive committee agreed to discuss and tweak this for the next two weeks, after which Nat will post it to board-private for discussion there - the goal being to develop a resolution to vote on at the October in-person board meeting.

10.   Clarifying the Bylaws N+1 Language Issue
Don proposed to draft some proposed bylaws changes that would remove the current ambiguities.  We will also try to wordsmith that within the Executive Committee in the next two weeks.

11.   Next Executive Committee Call
We will have another executive committee call in about two weeks.  Don will set up the schedule for it.

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