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Mike Jones Michael.Jones at microsoft.com
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As for voting, unless the proposed alternative voting system enables proxy voting and voting using members registered OpenIDs, we can't use it without a change to the IPR process (which requires a vote of the membership to do).  Also, for reasons of supporting our own technologies, I believe that we want to continue having people vote with their registered OpenIDs.

Having been on the elections committee as long as we've had elections, my sense is that we've gotten the bugs out of the election system by now, and it meets our needs.  Besides, it's paid for.  Integrating a new voting system into our existing membership software (or creating new membership software) would both be costs we would have to understand before undertaking any changes in that regard.

My sense is that the remaining costs of using it have to do with us having Darren do things that we could do for ourselves.  (If there's any reason we can't do them ourselves, we should remedy that before or during this upcoming election.)

I *do* think we should monitor the costs of running the 2013 election with the current software so that we have data to base any decision to make a change (or not make a change) on.

				-- Mike
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Another issue that the board has to tackle is the infrastructure update.
As I understand, the current infrastructure is very expensive to run an election/membership voting.

At the same time, you have been indicating the intension to move the current web page infrastructure from Wordpress to Drupal.
I suspect these two are dealt with together.

I would appreciate any update on it in the next EC call so that we can report it back to the board.

FYI, I have built a Drupal site that copied most of the Wordpress content with the URLs intact.
Drupal also has a module called Advanced Voting, which seems to be capable of doing the voting that does not reveal the result until it is closed.
With a shopping card module, it seems it is capable to unify the copropate website, membership, and the voting capability.

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