[OpenID board] October 24 board reports on AC WG & Mktg committee

Eric Sachs esachs at google.com
Thu Oct 25 19:31:17 UTC 2012

*Marketing Committee report*
Upcoming events:
Identity.Next in EU in Nov - Kick driving.  Ping involved
Summit in Tokyo - Nat/Don driving.  Fund raising in good shape.
Summit in Australia - Pam driving.
Joint UK Summit with OIX in Q1 2013 - Don driving

Using Disqus for OpenID blog moderation
Don & Cloudfour working on ideas for consistency across OIDF, OIDF Japan,
OIX, Attribute Exchange, Account Chooser
Accountchooser.net stable - just want to cleanup technical integration
guide and get Don to record a video of the slide deck

Monitored press on non-OIDF efforts and fortunately no major issues: NSTIC,
Mozilla Persona, OAuth2, ...

*Account Chooser WG Status Report*
At IIW the WG decided we are ready to asked individuals to raise awareness
of AccountChooser to early adopter techies
Other decisions:
AC.com will only support the favicon model.  We prefer "one" approach if
possible, so will wait to see how many complaints we get.
On AC.biz (a test domain) we may support others for experimentation
Agreement to use Symantec for domain mgmt and SSL, and to incorporate
Symantec branding
Symantec will only make major domain changes if the OIDF executive
committee notifies Symantec of a decision made by the Account Chooser
workgroup.  That will be communicated to Symantec's rep on the OIDF board
The WG would like individuals to start raising awareness of AccountChooser,
though a formal OIDF marketing push will wait till we have more feedback
Symantec was asked to try do quickly add branding shown when users directly
visit accountchooser.com instead of from a site redirect.  Then take over
mgmt of the domain.  Other changes like EV SSL cert can come later.

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*Account Chooser WG Status Report*
accountchooser.com is now available, but we are only "quietly" talking
about it.  The goal is to get early adopters to experiment with it with end
users and provide feedback
At CIS we have run 2 of 3 sessions that cover it and the feedback has been
quite positive
Most of the questions are about improving the technical integration docs.
 That includes more detailed specs for the API interaction.
Source code has also been published
We have a few additional IPR contributors and are hoping to get more people
involved in docs, API specs, and code contributions

*Marketing Committee report*
The marketing website at accountchooser.net is live, but again we are only
"quietly" talking about it
The OpenID Summit at the Cloud Identity Summit went quite well, except we
lost some speakers at the end
An in-person meeting is being planned in the Bay Area on August 1st to
discuss next steps
Nat & Kick have both expressed interest in additional marketing, and we
will discuss that at future conference calls

Below are a copy of the reports from the most recent EC call

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Subject: Re: 2 reports for OIDF EC call June 7th
To: John Ehrig <jehrig at inventures.com>, don at oidf.org, Nat Sakimura <
sakimura at gmail.com>, ve7jtb at mac.com, Kick Willemse <kick at prooflink.com>,
Mike Jones <Michael.Jones at microsoft.com>

One other task to note on Account Chooser WG:

   - Mike Jones is helping us double-check our IPR "cleanliness" including
   configuration settings of the mailing list

On Tue, Jun 5, 2012 at 4:18 PM, Eric Sachs <esachs at google.com> wrote:

> **
> 1.  Connect WG Status Report****
> *2.  Account Chooser WG Status Report*
> *3.  OpenID Event at CIS Planning*
> 4.  OIDF Board Membership
> *Account Chooser WG Status Report
> Unfortunately we are continuing to run into problems with getting the SSL
> cert for accountchooser.com working.  Inventures is looking into it, but
> we don't have an ETA yet.
> However we have published the static html/js files to the non-SSL version
> of accountchooser.com and they are working.  The other tasks being worked
> on are:
>    - Updating the accountchooser.COM Learn More page to use the look&feel
>    of accountchooser.NET with the help of CloudFour
>    - Performance tweaks
>    - Removing any legacy references to Google from function/variable
>    names.  Also moving the demo apps to new DNS names that don't have the
>    "git" prefix
>    - Once those 3 are done, push the files to the open source repository
> We have scheduled calls for the working group where we alternate between
> EMEA & APAC friendly times starting June 12th.
> Marketing Committee report: OpenID Event at CIS Planning
>    - The marketing website at accountchooser.net is live.  We are just
>    making some minor tweaks to the /users page as well as making the “Learn
>    More” page on accountchooser.COM/learnmore use the same look&feel
>    - Pam Dingle will be circulating a strawman proposal for the OIDF
>    events at the CloudIdentitySummit.  She will run this Friday’s marketing
>    committee call with a focus on that topic
>    - We are improving the discoverability of the OIDF blog on openid.net.
>     We will then add links from accountchooser.net
>    - There continue to be concerns about our ability to manually moderate
>    “news items” as we can do on the oidf.net FoundationNews site and how
>    we have designed the homepage of accountchooser.net.  This topic is
>    still being discussed
> *
> --
> Eric Sachs | Senior Product Manager | esachs at google.com

Eric Sachs | Senior Product Manager | esachs at google.com

Eric Sachs | Senior Product Manager | esachs at google.com

Eric Sachs | Senior Product Manager | esachs at google.com

Eric Sachs | Senior Product Manager | esachs at google.com
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