[OpenID board] October 18, 2012 OpenID Executive Committee Call Minutes

Mike Jones Michael.Jones at microsoft.com
Thu Oct 25 18:47:22 UTC 2012

October 18, 2012 OpenID Executive Committee Call Minutes

Don Thibeau, Executive Director
John Bradley
Mike Jones
Eric Sachs
Nat Sakimura

John Ehrig, Global Inventures

Kick Willemse

1.      October 25 Board Meeting Agenda Review
We reviewed the proposed agenda that John sent to the board on October 11th.  No changes were suggested.

Mike Schwartz of GLUU is in the process of proposing a new working group on metadata formats.  We should talk with him at IIW and give him feedback and help him with the process.

2.      Unifying the Account Chooser, and openid.net, and Backplane Exchange web sites
A presentation from Cloud 4 with OpenID Foundation Japan input will be ready for the in-person board meeting next week.

3.      Expanded Mission
(We ran out of time on the call before we could discuss this agenda item.)

4.      Membership Structure Revisions
(We ran out of time on the call before we could discuss this agenda item.)

5.      National Chapters Proposal
Nat sent out an amended National Chapters resolution last week.  It is intended to provide incentives for members of local chapters across the world to also join and participate in the OIDF.  It's also intended to provide incentives for national chapters to recruit people to the OIDF.

John Bradley would like to better understand what it would take to manage international chapters.  He said that he's seen bad outcomes for other organizations.  On the other hand, there's a known downside to not doing it.  Clearly it makes sense for OIDF Japan.

6.      Sustaining and Corporate Memberships Pipeline
Don and John produced a set of membership pipeline documents.  After review with the treasurer, this will be sent to the full board before the in-person board meeting.

7.      Trademark Transfer Agreement
The executive committee authorized the transfer of Snorri Giorgetti 's OpenID trademark registrations of the OIDF.

8.      Potentially sponsoring the development of a mobile application using OpenID Connect
John Bradley reports that Ping is in the process of modifying an internal application to be able to fill this need, so it looks like we won't have to commission this work.

9.      Revising the Bylaws on Community Board Representatives
Nat reported that a potential problem with the proposed wording as circulated is that it could make it too easy for the corporate members to revise the bylaws to remove the community members entirely.  He proposed alternative wording that would involve membership votes.  Mike responded that involving the membership in governance would be viewed by the members as a sign of failure.  Members of the EC suggested that perhaps requiring a 75% super-majority of the board members would be better.

Nat also proposed a set of term definitions, which the EC agreed should be presented to the board.

We agreed that it would make sense to move the dues structure out of the bylaws into a separate document.

Concrete proposals will be presented to the board next week and will be sent out by Don before the board meeting.

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