[OpenID board] EMEA & APAC call schedule for OIDF marketing committee

Eric Sachs esachs at google.com
Fri Jun 22 17:48:41 UTC 2012

This mail is being sent to the OIDF board, the OIDF marketing committee &
the OIDF Account Chooser working group.

We want to increase international participation in the OIDF marketing
calls.  Since the AC working group already has two scheduled slots for EMEA
& APAC, we are going to try using the first half of those calls for
marketing, and the other half for the account chooser working group.  Here
is a description of the times of those calls, but you can email me if you
want to be added to the calendar invite:

   - There is a call every other week, alternating between an EMEA and APAC
   friendly time
      - The first EMEA call is Tuesday June 12th 8:30am PT/17:30 German
      time and then repeating every 4 weeks
      - The first APAC call is Wednesday July 3rd 4pm PT/8am JST <Japan>
      time and then repeating every 4 weeks

The marketing committee will also keep its current US friendly time for a
call that happens on the weeks where there is not an EMEA or APAC call.  So
the new call schedule follows a repeating 4-week cycle:

   1. EMEA friendly time <next week>
   2. US friendly time <though we will skip July 6th for the holidays>
   3. APAC friendly time
   4. US friendly time

I am going to "attempt" to create updated calendar entries for these calls
today.  If you don't receive an invite for one of them, and want to be
included, please let me know.

Eric Sachs | Senior Product Manager | esachs at google.com
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