[OpenID board] June 7, 2012 OpenID Executive Committee Call Minutes

Mike Jones Michael.Jones at microsoft.com
Tue Jun 19 01:58:37 UTC 2012

June 7, 2012 OpenID Executive Committee Call Minutes

Don Thibeau, Executive Director
Kick Willemse
Eric Sachs
Nat Sakimura
John Bradley
Mike Jones

John Ehrig, Global Inventures


1.      Connect WG Status Report
John Bradley reported on the status of the OpenID Connect work.  We did a major release of the specs two weeks ago that contain all but one of the items agreed to at the in-person meeting at Yahoo!  Some in-person interop work will happen in Colorado.  The working group may choose to clone the current OSIS interop state to do a new round of interop, given some features were added and removed since the previous round.

2.      Account Chooser WG Status Report
The Account Chooser working group continues editing the prototype code to remove residual Google references.  The working group has scheduled bi-weekly calls, with every other call time set to enable comfortable participation by European and Asian participants.  Mike had also sent a note helping to double-check that the Account Chooser work is IPR clean and will remain so.

3.      Marketing Committee Report
The content on accountchooser.net is now in good shape, other than the blog-based content.  Investigations showed that it's currently nearly impossible for mere mortals to subscribe to the openid.net/feed blog, as we're not advertising it anywhere.  This is being fixed.  Pamela Dingle is working on agendas for some of the upcoming events, including the meeting at the CIS.

4.      Backplane Exchange Proposal
Greg circulated a proposed charter for review.  Allen Tom asked whether we have IPR contribution agreements from all the contributors to date.  Don took an action item to look into this.

5.      Meetings at Cloud Identity Summit in July
Agenda planning for the meetings in July is under way, including the board meeting there.

6.      Legal Counsel
Don has been speaking with David Daggett - the lawyer who wrote our IPR agreements - about using him as a legal resource.  David would be available to us not on a retainer, but as a specialist on IPR issues on an as-needed basis.  We could also work with a more junior member at the firm with expertise in patent and IPR law, and with experience in open standards.  Don will present a review of legal requirements at the next board meeting.

Mike reminded the committee that the sense of the board was that we'll spend nothing on the European trademark registrations until we understand Snorri's costs and requests.  Nat will try again to get that information from him.

7.      Finance Update
We've received the sustaining membership dues from Yahoo!; their board representative is still undetermined.  We've received the sustaining membership dues from Verizon.  We've received the corporate membership dues from Facebook.  The Yahoo money enabled us to get caught up on back bonuses due to the executive director.  Microsoft also directed $5K of Microsoft funds and $5K of Google funds delegated to Microsoft by Google towards the back bonuses.

8.      Potential Community Seats Resulting from New Sustaining Board Members
Don asked for the executive committee's thoughts on whether and how to instate two new community board members to correspond to the new Verizon and renewed Yahoo! sustaining memberships.  There was consensus not to hold a special election.  The board had decided at the May 3, 2012 meeting to resolve this issue at the board meeting in July in Colorado.  Eric stated that he would be OK waiting to fill these seats until a regularly scheduled general election, as Tony Nadalin had suggested.  John Bradley stated that he would prefer to fill the seats soon.  It seems that a board vote will happen on this topic at the board meeting next month, assuming that a motion is made to do so and seconded.

9.      Next Executive Committee Call
We decided not to have a call before the July board meeting unless pressing business arises.

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