[OpenID board] May 3, 2012 OpenID Board Meeting Minutes

Mike Jones Michael.Jones at microsoft.com
Thu Jun 7 21:57:45 UTC 2012

May 3, 2012 OpenID Board Meeting Minutes

Present in Person:
Don Thibeau, Executive Director
Mike Jones
John Bradley
Nat Sakimura
Pamela Dingle
Eric Sachs
Greg Keegstra
Axel Nennker

Nico Popp
Tony Nadalin
Kick Willemse
Farhang Kassaei
Peter Graham

Prakash Ramachandran (proxy for Peter Graham)
Aravindan Ranganathan (proxy for Farhang Kassaei)
John Ehrig, Global Inventures
George Fletcher, AOL

1.            Membership Update

Verizon has joined as a sustaining member and will be represented by Peter Graham.  We have not yet received the funds for Yahoo!'s approved purchase order for their sustaining membership renewal.  Facebook has committed to renewing at the corporate level.  CA's corporate renewal is in process.  Other corporate memberships are anticipated.

2.            Board Election Discussion

Don had suggested that we defer the decision about whether to appoint an interim community board member to correspond to Verizon's new membership until our next board meeting in July.  In part, this gives time for Yahoo!'s membership to complete and for them to decide who their board member will be.  Axel advocated appointing a community member today to correspond to Verizon's membership because he is not comfortable waiting.  Others advocated tabling this until July to give more time to build consensus for how we should move forward.  John advocated that we make a "notice of motion" that the decision of whether and how to appoint new community member(s) will be made at the July meeting.  The board agreed to defer the decision until July on that basis.

3.            OpenID Connect Report

On Monday at Yahoo!, we held what is likely to be the last large Connect working group meeting before final specifications.  Decisions were made backed by substantial consensus on all potential breaking issues.  The few changes made were mostly simplifications of the existing specifications.  Also, on Wednesday, decisions were made about the remaining open issues for session management.  Interop for all new and changed features will be required before going final.  Roland Hedberg is now working on Relying Party tests (having already produced a substantial suite of OpenID Provider tests).  Results of interop testing on new and changed features should be reported at the workshop in Colorado in July.

4.            Account Chooser Report

Eric reported that the functionality at accountchooser.biz appears to be complete.  Several new members have joined the working group.  The working group still needs to define what the outputs are that will be standardized by the working group, including what specifications are being produced.

Nat pointed out that, per the OIDF processes, the working group needs to keep the working group status up to date on the working group page.  Pam has that work item.  Nat pointed out that user interface guidelines are needed.

5.            Marketing Committee Report

Eric displayed the content at acdev.cloudfour.com, which is a staging area for potential new content for the openid.net website.  The marketing committee talked with press consultants about when the press would be most likely to write favorable articles about our OpenID work.  Apparently the press mostly likes to write "broken glass" articles about things that are wrong, broken, or that scare people.  The press wants visuals to use in print articles.

The prototype site has content for four audiences:  Users, Web Site Owners, Techies, and Press.  The marketing committee is soliciting feedback on the site.  Mike asked whether the work has been done to integrate the existing WordPress blog posts and news items into the new site.  Eric said that it hasn't to date but that there may be directed funding available to do this, should the board decide to investigate migrating the new content onto openid.net.  We discussed that before migrating content onto openid.net, we would need to go through the existing content and decide which of it should be migrated, and how, which if it should be discarded, and which of it should be maintained as-is.

Greg reported that the marketing committee is working on bringing together a more integrated social media presence for OpenID, including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, and YouTube.

6.            Translation of Content into Japanese

Nat reported that translating web site content into Japanese is expensive, however once we have content that is stable, directed funding is likely available to do that.  Nat said that that work should happen in Japan.

7.            Backplane Exchange Report

Greg is working on creating a Backplane Exchange working group, utilizing input from Nat and others.  Greg displayed the content at backplanex.com/showcase/.  Greg expects to send a working group proposal to the Specs Council within a few weeks.  Some Backplane content should be available for the OpenID Workshop in July at the Cloud Identity Summit.  Greg will propose content for the workshop.

8.            Planning Calendar

We took the May Seattle PII Conference off of the OpenID planning calendar.  (Don will be there representing the OIX.)  We also took Gartner Catalyst off of the calendar, as according to Ian Glazer (as reported by John Bradley), Gartner is no longer doing interop events like the Burton Group used to do.  We confirmed that we plan to have an event in Tokyo in December.  We discussed possibly holding a New Zealand event, assuming there is sufficient interest and directed funding; Colin Wallace is advocating this.  Axel raised the possibility of holding an OpenID event at RSA Europe in London in October; this might be a particularly good idea given the identity work happening in the UK.

9.            European OpenID Trademark Status

Snorri Giorgetti is continuing to gather together receipts for the amounts that he has spent on the European OpenID trademark registrations.  We should know what the totals are by the July board meeting.

An individual proponent of OpenID Connect had created a proposed OpenID Connect visual logo.  Mike made the motion "Both because of the costs involved, and because we have not investigated whether there would be benefit to visually branding OpenID Connect, the board does not endorse the creation of a visual OpenID Connect element at this time", which Eric seconded.  The motion carried unanimously.

10.          Ideas for Greater International Membership

Nat and Eric both reported that non-US companies might be more willing to join at the sustaining level if they were able to direct some of their membership funds to locally relevant events and marketing content, including translation into local languages.  Mike observed that this could be net revenue positive as well as being positive in other ways.  Nat agreed to come to the July meeting with a concrete proposal for the board to consider.
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