[OpenID board] Closing the inactive OpenID v.Next mailing lists

Mike Jones Michael.Jones at microsoft.com
Sat Jan 21 01:49:49 UTC 2012

Per the action assigned to me by the board, on January 4th I sent notices to all the inactive OpenID v.Next mailing lists announcing they'd be closed in two weeks if no objections were raised.  None were for any of them.  These lists were:
               openid-specs-attributes at lists.openid.net<mailto:openid-specs-attributes at lists.openid.net>
               openid-specs-core at lists.openid.net<mailto:openid-specs-core at lists.openid.net>
               openid-specs-discovery at lists.openid.net<mailto:openid-specs-discovery at lists.openid.net>
               openid-specs-connect at lists.openid.net<mailto:openid-specs-connect at lists.openid.net>
Therefore they will be closed.

The only question I have is whether I should simply delete these lists, as has there has been almost no traffic on them, or whether the board has a strong desire to retain their archives.  If the latter, then hopefully someone can tell me how to close them to new posts but leave them open (and to also have them stop generating post-by-non-member e-mails!)

My default action will be to simply delete them a week from today so they no longer appear at http://lists.openid.net/mailman/listinfo.

                                                            -- Mike

P.S.  We'll also want to update the lists of working groups on our wikis and web site to reflect the closing of these working groups.

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