[OpenID board] June 15, 2011 OpenID Executive Committee Call Minutes

Mike Jones Michael.Jones at microsoft.com
Mon Jun 27 20:10:31 UTC 2011

June 15, 2011 OpenID Executive Committee Call Minutes

Don Thibeau, Executive Director
Nat Sakimura
John Bradley
Mike Jones

John Ehrig, Global Inventures

Chris Messina
Nico Popp

1.       Planning and Expectation Management about OpenID Connect
There will be a meeting tomorrow at Google including Alan Tom about the OpenID Connect launch plan.  At the WG call yesterday, the group agreed that we need to have complete enough specs by the end of the month to send out for developer feedback.  That will enable initial interop work at the Ping-hosted summit in July in Colorado.  Alan feels like he can successfully represent OpenID Connect to key companies.  Alan plans to do this on a volunteer basis for about three months.

There will be implementers drafts of the specs on July 1.  By August 1 we should have a few prototype implementations to do preliminary interop testing with.  Feedback from these implementations will be fed back to the working group.  By September 1, there may be preliminary libraries.

JanRain provided an overview of a (primarily North American) launch plan.  In parallel, Kick Willemse is working on a more international launch plan.

Don is working on a directed funding proposal to be discussed tomorrow for testing and the launch plan.

The University of Newcastle plans to do OpenID Connect implementation work.  Andrew Arnott plans to implement.  Andreas Solberg (of Simple SAML PHP) plans to implement.

Having a "shakedown" interop event in mid-September makes sense to find problems with the specs and implementations.  One of Alan's final deliverables should be coordinating the shakedown interop event in September.

The IIW in mid-October is targeted as the coming out party for OpenID Connect.  The summit in London the week before is the European coming-out party date.

We plan to post preliminary drafts of the specs on the openid.net/specs site this week.  Specs will also be checked into the svn.open.net site soon (rather than living in bitbucket, etc.).

The OpenID Summit in Tokyo will tentatively be in November.  We need to lock down dates for that so people can reserve them in their calendars.  We also need to lock down the time and location for the summit in London.  One possibility is Monday morning, October 10th at the OASIS IDTrust event at CA's facility at Ditton Manner.

As part of the launch, we need to revamp the OpenID web site.  It's not particularly readable now.

2.       OpenID Connect and NIST NSTIC Initiative
FICAM plans to create a profile for OpenID Connect that is targeted for NSTIC.  The US Government is also interested in private-sector initiated trust frameworks.

3.       Financial Update
Andrew Nash is no longer at PayPal.  Don will be meeting with the new PayPal OpenID board representative tomorrow.  PayPal has already renewed their membership.  There are two new corporate members:   Intel and Mepin.  Others are being recruited.  The next major renewals coming up are Facebook and Yahoo.  Our budget remains adequate but lean.

4.       Licensing
Don is working on a draft statement of work for OpenID trademark licensing.  It will be distributed in advance of the next executive committee meeting.

5.       Whitepaper
An OpenID whitepaper has been written using Google directed funding.  It will be distributed to the EC before publication.

6.       Next EC Meetings
The next EC meeting is July 20 8-9am in Colorado.  Following that is October 11, 8-9am around the London summit.  The next board meeting is July 25th as a teleconference.

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