[OpenID board] May 5, 2011 OpenID Board Meeting Minutes

Mike Jones Michael.Jones at microsoft.com
Mon Jun 6 20:43:49 UTC 2011

May 5, 2011 OpenID Board Meeting Minutes

Don Thibeau, Executive Director
Mike Jones
Nat Sakimura
David Recordon
Allen Tom
Eric Sachs
Tony Nadalin
Pamela Dingle
Chris Messina
John Bradley
Axel Nennker
Ashish Jain (proxy for Andrew Nash)

Present on the phone:
Kick Willemse

Brian Kissel
Raj Mata
Andrew Nash
Nico Popp

John Ehrig, Global Inventures
Scott David, K&L Gates

1.       OpenID AB/Connect Status
Mike, Nat, and John updated the board on the progress on the OpenID Artifact Binding/Connect (AB/C) specification work.  The open issues are now closed, both due to weekly spec calls over the past few months and concerted spec meetings at IIW.  The specifications reflecting these decisions are being written.

David, Chris asking how we get Twitter, etc. to implement.  Chris asked how we roll this out to developers and the world at large.  We agreed that the foundation needs to work on the messaging.  Chris asked about branding for the specs.  Mike stated that the two names that make sense seem to be OpenID Connect and OpenID 3.0.  We agreed that we should be thinking about this now, based upon the maturity of the spec work.

Chris proposed holding a developer-focused forum/hackathon to get feedback on the spec.  Community outreach and feedback is clearly going to be key.  We could consider another developer bounty program.

We will want to write (or have written) implementers guides for target profiles.  We want to be clear in our messages about how the new specs are different from what we had before.

Pam:  People are not generally aware that AB and Connect have merged and our status.  Eric:  We can write a report from IIW.

The board unanimously decided to brand the new specs "OpenID Connect", pending legal review.  We will hold the membership vote to close the inactive working groups after the post about the results at IIW.

Chris agreed to take point on driving developer outreach and messaging.  The outreach will occur once the specs are ready.  Don asked Axel, Kick, and Nat to help ensure that the launch is truly international.

Sites we want implementation commitments from:
Tier 1:  Facebook, Google, Microsoft ACS, Microsoft Live, openid.net, Salesforce, Twitter, Yahoo!
Tier 2:  AOL, Atlassian, Deutsche Telekom, Diaspora, Foursquare, Gigya, GitHub, JanRain Engage, LinkedIn, Orange, PayPal, Sears, StackOverflow, WordPress, Yahoo! Japan
Tier 3:  Amazon, CA, DoCoMo, Echo, Gowalla, IBM, Intel, Joomla, KDDI, Mashery, Oracle, Ping Connect, StatusNet, US Government/NSTIC, VMware, WebEx, Wholesale Application Community

We'd like to start developer feedback in June.  We'd like to have a developer launch event in September.

2.       Branding & Trademark Issues
The foundation is in the process of trying to tie up branding and trademark loose ends, including ownership of pertinent domain names.

3.       US Government's Request for Comments on NIST 800-63
The OIDF will not make public comments.  We should tell the government that, if published, it should not indicate that it includes feedback from the OIDF.

4.       Review of Executive Committee Meeting
There's a consensus that the OpenID summits are working.  The directed funding model for the summits is working.  The funding for the foundation is adequate for current activities, but has no surplus.  The summit in Germany and the planned summit in Japan (which is currently on hold) are effectively broadening our international outreach.  Don is focused on building a "middle class" of corporate members.

5.       Futures
We could consider an "Open Identity Summit" as part of our goal of broadening our outreach to other organizations.  Deliberately embracing related protocols and companies can broaden our impact.  We want to cause a competitive identity ecosystem to emerge.  There's lots more work to be done to enable an open, decentralized identity marketplace after OpenID Connect is completed.  The foundation should be developing that roadmap and using it to continue to build involvement.

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