[OpenID board] May 3, 2011 OpenID Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

Mike Jones Michael.Jones at microsoft.com
Mon Jun 6 20:31:10 UTC 2011

May 3, 2011 OpenID Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

Don Thibeau, Executive Director
Nat Sakimura
John Bradley
Mike Jones
John Ehrig, Global Inventures
Scott David, K&L Gates

Chris Messina
Nico Popp



  *   We have just enough money to function based on current support of sustaining members
     *   Two sustaining member renewals are currently pending
  *   What are we not doing due to money constraints:
     *   Diverse set of Committee and WG activities (not a money issue, human resource issue)
     *   Outreach other than by Don
     *   Agreed that there are no current critical items not being done or being covered by directed funding
  *   Important to note to the Board - a year ago we had sufficient funds and board consensus to have a reserve of 1 quarter.  We are now forced to draw upon that reserve.

Strategic issues - vulnerabilities and opportunities

  *   Reach out to more communities - broader open identity (Twitter, LinkedIn, OAuth, etc.)
  *   NSTIC -provides an industry collaboration vehicle to bring all parties together for a common goal that we don't get from any other activity
     *   Provides 'middle class' member value proposition - telcos, Intel, CA, etc.
     *   OIDF role - continue to participate
  *   OpenID Summits
     *   For 2011 - Do one thing and do it well
     *   $50k/$50k common and directed funding plan and requesting that sustaining members to sponsor summits is working for the most part
  *   Negative perceptions of board are dissipating
  *   ABC WG is getting recognized
  *   Too many organizations (feedback from CA).   Just not working for them, need to do it better - consolidation and realignment ideas?
        *   Kantara - probably not going to be led by Kantara
        *   OASIS, ISO, IEEE, Identity Commons, others
           *   Map how each fit or overlap
        *   What progress can we report to the board?
           *   People are beginning to see the collaboration between IETF and OIDF, Kantara and OIDF, and OIX and OIDF
           *   People now recognizing OIDF as key player.  ABC WG being taken seriously
  *     What steps are we going to take to improve the financial stability of the org?
     *   Value proposition - protection mechanism, we should use more to recruit new members - safer to join the foundation
     *   Pipeline of prospects for corporate members
  *   Developing specs to meet the needs of the members and continue to get that support and why we are being taken seriously
     *   Middle class membership sees the value of spec (ABC) work
  *   Don will develop agenda for FTF meeting
     *   More professionalism on board, traction of ABC and summits, take pride in participating in OIDF and our accomplishments

EC Calendar - Next meeting

  *   Don and John to propose

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