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On Wed, Jul 6, 2011 at 11:44 PM, Eric Sachs <esachs at google.com> wrote:

> >> The OpenID Summit in Tokyo will tentatively be in November, please
> complete the doodle poll sent by Nat.
> The suggested Tokyo dates in the poll are Mon the 28th and Tue the 29th of
> November.  The major US holiday of Thanksgiving is the previous Thu/Fri.  So
> my guess is that most of the US folks will only be able to barely get there
> by the time of the Tuesday event.
> The poll says the events are at 5pm.  Is that the time in Tokyo, or is that
> the adjusted time to the US?

Doodle apparently is translating the time to your timezone.
It is 10am Japan Time (Tentatively).

> How long an event were we thinking of having?

Full day.

We may be able to get spots on the main conference as well.

> Also, could you point us to the website of the event happening that week?
>  I looked around, but couldn't seem to find it.

It is not public yet. The site still has the information on the last year.


It is going to be the 21st year of the event. It usually attracts around
2000 people.
The meeting is hosted by JPNIC and is supported by Ministry of
Communication, Ministry of Culture and Education, Ministry of Economy, Trade
and Industry etc.

If we do it on the Nov. 30 as the doodle poll is currently indicating, the
place is likely to be in Akihabara.
We have tentatively booked the place for approx. 200 people.

> On Wed, Jul 6, 2011 at 6:26 AM, Don Thibeau <don at oidf.org> wrote:
>> *Update re: OpenID Connect Milestones*
>> *
>> *
>> The OIDF Work Group for OpenId Connect has been making steady progress.
>> OpenID Foundation Community Board Member Alan Tom has volunteered to help
>> drive OpenID Connect launch plan and represent OpenID Connect to key
>> companies identified by the Board as part of the 2011 outreach and adoption
>> goals.  Alan plans to pull together suggestions from plans developed by
>> JanRain, Google, Ping Identity and others to solicit developer community
>> feedback for the next three months.  Planning for a hoped for end of year
>> international roll out of OpenID Connect is underway by Nat Sakimura, Kick
>> Willemse  and John Bradley.  As per the Board's direction we are taking a
>> measured approach for testing with results available for a board level
>> status discussion at a OpenID Summit planned for September. The Board will
>> consider direct funding proposals including a update to openid.net to
>> support a potential international launch.
>> OpenID Connect 2011 Timeline
>> ** **
>> July: OpenId Connect implementers drafts of the specs available at the
>> openid.net/specs and the svn.open.net sites
>> July: Initial OpenID Connect interop work at the Ping-hosted Summit in
>> Colorado.
>> August:Prototype implementations available for  preliminary interop
>> testing.  Feedback from these implementations will be fed back to Allan and
>> the OpenID Connect working group.
>> September: Preliminary libraries available
>> September 19 (tentative): OpenID Summit and F2F Board Meeting (Bay Area
>> Location TBD)
>> September 20/21 The US National Strategy for Trusted Identity in
>> Cyberspace's Identity Technology Standards Workshop (Bay Area Location
>> TBD)
>> October 17: (tentative): OpenID Summit and F2F Board Meeting (Bay Area
>> Location TBD)
>> October 18- 20: IIW in Mountain View CA
>> October (tentative): OpenID Summit  (EU/UK Location TBD)
>> November (tentative): OpenID Summit (Tokyo Location TBD)
Doodle poll indicates that it is likely to be on the Nov. 30 JST.

>> Notes;
>> The IIW in mid-October is targeted as the coming out party for OpenID
>> Connect.  The summit in London the week before is the European coming-out
>> party date.
>> The OpenID Summit in Tokyo will tentatively be in November, please
>> complete the doodle poll sent by Nat. One proposal for the OpenId Summit in
>> London is Monday morning, October 10th at the OASIS IDTrust event at CA’s
>> facility at Ditton Manner. The US FICAM plans to create a profile for
>> OpenID Connect.
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