[OpenID board] January 12, 2011 OpenID Board Call Minutes

Mike Jones Michael.Jones at microsoft.com
Thu Jan 27 16:36:38 UTC 2011

January 12, 2011 OpenID Board Call Minutes

Don Thibeau, Executive Director
Mike Jones
Brian Kissel
Nat Sakimura
John Bradley
Don Thibeau
Allen Tom
Eric Sachs
Nico Popp
Kick Willemse
Andrew Nash
Raj Mata
John Ehrig
Axel Nennker
Chris Messina
Tony Nadalin
Pamela Dingle

David Recordon

John Ehrig, Global Inventures

1.       Welcoming New Members
We welcomed Axel Nennker and Kick Willemse to the board.

2.       Election of Officers
Mike Jones was elected as secretary, John Bradley was elected as treasurer, Chris Messina was elected as community liaison, Nat Sakimura was elected as chair, and Nico Popp was elected as vice-chair - all by consensus.

3.       Committees
Brian Kissel agreed to chair the marketing committee.

4.       Update from Artifact Binding/Connect Work
Nat reported that he is in the process of combining the Artifact Binding draft with the Connect work.  Also, he reported that Mike Jones is refactoring the JSON Web Token (JWT) draft, which includes signing.  Nat plans to publish a refactored draft shortly.  See http://wiki.openid.net/w/page/34801658/SpecDevStatus for status.  John Bradley will be writing an encryption spec to accompany the signing spec.  Profiles will be written for specific use cases.  Mike pointed out that we have decided to form closer working relationships with related standards bodies and that the IETF's interest in the JWT work is an example of the value of these relationships.  John said that we plan to have a day or more of in-person spec work occur at RSA.  John told us that another related opportunity is an Identity Commons working group that is forming to do implementations of user agents - particularly focused on zero-knowledge tokens.

5.       SWOT Analysis
Kick produced a preliminary SWOT analysis for OpenID.  Comments on it are solicited.  The current draft will be published on the public board list.

6.       OpenID Summits
Brian reported on the OpenID Retail summit that will be held on March 8th at PayPal adjacent to the National Retail Foundation Innovate conference.  We are targeting 50 attendees.  Brian wants this to be a working summit.

Don talked about how well it works to pair summits with other events and to have sustaining members host and sponsor the summits.  We achieve a lot of synergy and benefit from substantial efficiencies by working that way.

Don reported that NRI will host an OpenID summit in Tokyo and that Ping Identity will host one in conjunction with a Ping event.  Don encouraged everyone to look at the draft schedule and identifying summit opportunities that it makes sense for them to sponsor and attend.

7.       Draft Resolutions
Don brought a set of draft resolutions to our attention.  We did not vote on the resolutions today but will plan to at the in-person board meeting at RSA.  They are aimed at providing more focus to the way we operate and to be more responsive to the opportunities available to us.  They also help us get the most out of our reduced budget resources.  Don also called out that we will be depending upon directed funding by member companies to sponsor specific activities that align with both OpenID's interests and their own.

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